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Robotics Cluster
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 NEW ENGLAND ROBOTICS ECOSYSTEM MAP  click the map above to view full version

About the Robotics Cluster

The MassTLC Robotics Cluster raises awareness for and spurs growth of the region’s thriving robotics industry. The cluster fosters economic development through education, knowledge-sharing, and relationship building among the region’s leading robotic companies, academic research laboratories, policy makers and others. 

The New England Robotics Ecosystem includes:
  • Critical mass of world-class universities; including over 35 robotics R&D programs across 18 institutions
  • Over 150 innovative companies producing and utilizing robotics applications serving over 11 different markets;
  • New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE) Center – UMass Lowell one of 3 NIST test facilities in the nation providing an indoor environment for testing ground based robotics/UMVs with various challenges and obstacles.
  • Joint Base Cape Cod, an FAA joint test site with NY, one of six test sites for Unmanned Air Systems providing a secure environment for early stage outdoor field and environmental testing, including large AUV platforms.
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute dedicated to ocean sciences, engineering, autonomous underwater vehicles development and testing
  • Highly skilled workforce and supporting and related industries.

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The Robotics cluster is always looking for fresh and innovative topics and speakers to contribute to our events. As a member benefit, we look to our members first for speaking opportunities.  Suggest topics and speakers to be a part of the action!
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Scroll down or click here to view all the Robotics cluster resources to keep you in the know.


Robotics Cluster Resources

    Robotics Cluster Leadership

Cluster Co-Chair:
Steve Kelly
President & COO

Cluster Co-Chair:
Tom Ryden
Executive Director 

Cluster Co-Chair:
Mark Smithers
Boston Engineering


Cluster Co-Chair:

Holly Yanco
Professor of Computer Science UMass Lowell;
UMass Lowell Robotics Lab;
NERVE Center


MassTLC Cluster Rep:
Joyce Sidopoulos
Email Joyce


Upcoming 2015 MassTLC Robotics Events

Robotics Cluster Roundtable
September 21, 2016
Natick Soldier System Center
Details & Registration Coming Soon

View all upcoming MassTLC events »                                         






Robotics In the News

ReWalk Announces Collaboration with Harvard University’s Wyss Institute: Press release>>

ReWalk Robotics working on 'exosuit' to help stroke, MS patients Read more here >>

Harvest Automation, Inc. announces sale of robotic Warehouse automation business Read more here >>

Boston conference showcases robots that can be team players Read more here >> 

TWO of NASA's 4 Valkryie Robots arrive in Massachusetts Read more here >>

Former Massachusetts Army base floated as testing ground for self-driving cars Read more here >>

BBJs "Largest Robotics Companies in Massachusetts" Read more here >>

iRobot's new Mop Read more here >>

Big Changes at Harvest Automation Read more here >>


NASA selects Northeastern for humanoid robot research Read more here >>

WARNER Robot will stay at WPI Read more here >>

Ras Labs featured  on NASA TV Watch here >>

Holly Yanco named University Professor UMass Lowell Magazine for Alumni and Friends - Winter 2016

VA agrees to pay for robotic legs – ReWalk Robotics Read more here >>

Human interest video - ReWalk Watch here >>

Soft Robotics gets $3 million amid demand for its octopus-inspired grippers Read more here >>

Orchid Technologies: Engineering job shop speeds product development Read more here >>

DRAPER Led Team to Demonstrate Safer, Smarter UAVS Read more here >>

NASA Selected MIT CSAIL & Northeastern to Program Robotics for Mars Read more here >>

Can Rodney Brooks Rebuild U.S. Manufacturing by Selling Robots in China? Read more here >>

PHIRO: A Smart Robot For Kids - Learn to Code in 5 Ways Read more here >>

Sawyer the Boston manufacturing robot could ease labor shortage woes in China Read more here >>                              

Here are 10 Boston-Area Drone Companies to watch Read more here »  

Draper, MIT get $3.4 million to build small, fast-flying drones Read more here » 

Big-name VCs, UPS invest $2 million in drone startup CyPhy Works Read more here » 

Massachusetts emerges as a robot industry powerhouse Read more here » 

CyPhy Works and iRobot show off drones and bots for law enforcement Read more here » 

Vecna turns spare room into office space for robot startups Read more here » 

UASD receives FAA authorization for commercial UAV operations Read more here »

CSAIL joins with Toyota on $25 million research center for autonomous cars Read more here »                                               

MA Robotics Companies help during Ebola Crisis Read more here »

Artaic diversifies - branches into the Healthcare market Read more here »

Ted Acworth, CEO at Artaic featured on NECN 
Read more here »

Vecna Acquires VGO Read more here »

Barrett Technology Wins Grants Read more here »
Robotics Research at UMass Lowell Could Change the World Read more here »

Boston Engineering gets SBIR grant from US Air Force to build drone propulsion systems Read more here »

States Battle in the Race to win the US Robotics War Read more here »




MassRobotics is a new, independent, non-profit organization being established in Massachusetts to promote collaboration, learning, and rapid prototype development focused on the technology areas behind robotics, automation and connected devices. One of its roles will be to provide  facilities (office space, test space, machine shop, electronics lab, etc) and business support to robotic startups. MassRobotics hopes to enable innovative collaborations between corporations, universities, and startups within this coalition in a variety of ways. MassRobotics aims to serve as a collaboration space for corporate and academic partners. The idea being that it could support hands-on, technical development teams pursuing rapid prototyping and testing or looking for an immersive innovation space to promote focus and collaboration.                                   
Download more information here »


  Robotics Report

2013 Massachusetts Robotics Revolution Report

The MassTLC Robotics Revolution Report highlights New England’s unique intellectual infrastructure, talent pool, entrepreneurial environment and track record of success to claim its rightful place as the "Robotics Capital of the World”. 

Download your copy of the report »



Upcoming Robotics Events

Robotica 2016
June 6-9, 2016
Devens, Massachusetts

MassTLC member promo code ANEMASSTLC03 for $100 discount

Scale Solutions to the Puzzle of Change Management
June 15, 2016
WeWork South Station, 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston



MassTLC Robotics Blogs

The MassTLC Robotics blog includes recaps from our events, sight visits to cluster members venues as well as other robotics events attended. 

Sea Machines hosted Young AFCEANs: May 20, 2016   

Nerve Center Open House & Valkyrie Unveiling: May 16, 2016

Robotics Cluster Meeting hosted at Northeastern University: May 12, 2016

RIA International Collaborative Robotics Workshop:  3-5 May 2016

Secretary of the Air Force Visits Boston: April 22, 2016

Robot RUKUS: March 31, 2016

ISPIM Innovation Forum: March 16, 2016

ManufacturingAutomation & Robotics Seminar Day 2

Manufacturing: Automation & Robotics Seminar Day 1

UAVs Everywhere – Impacts on Military and Commercial Airspace
March 1, 2016

Cirtronics Visit
February 24, 2016 

December 2015 Robotics Cluster Meeting and Beer & Bots
December 3, 2015

Cross-Border Innovation & Business
October 16, 2015

Robotics Cluster Meeting hosted by WPI
June 19th, 2015

RoboInnovation Panel
June 17th, 2015

Robotics Cluster Meeting hosted by Harvest Automation
May 28th, 2015

Click here for more MassTLC blogs »


Past MassTLC Robotics Events

The robotics cluster is very active throughout the year with various types of events to keep you up to date on the latest robotics news and trends.

Featured Recent Events:

Robotics Cluster Roundtable
May 12 2016, 3:00PM
Northeastern University's Alumni Center
Blog Post

March 31, 2016
Blog Post

ISPIM Innovation Forum
March 13-16, 2016
Blog Post

The Future of Manufacturing:  Robotics and Automation
March 9, 2016 
Blog Post


  1. Deliotte Presentation:  Advanced to Advantageous:  The Case for New England's Manufacturing Revolution 
  2. Coghlin Companies:  Concept to Commercialization 
  3. Rethink Robotics:  The Future of Robotics and Automation in the Factory: Collaborative Robotics
  4. Work Force Training Fund

MTLC Cluster Meeting at Lowell Innovation Hub
February 9, 2016 
Blog Post

  1. American Robotics
  2. Franklin Robotics
  3. InnovaSea
  4. MiniMole
  5. Nonspec
  6. XactSense

Click here to view more past Robotics Events »




Testimonials from Members

PowerHydrant is part of the wonderful Autodesk STIR program here in Waltham. As a small start-up in robotics, we have also come to value the MassTLC Robotics Cluster. This was the initial and primary source of local industry contacts for us at PowerHydrant. Many positive things have come from this.”
Kevin Leary, Founder & CEO PowerHydrant

"The MassTLC Robotics Cluster paid off at the very first meeting Neurala attended. We met another company working in a complementary space, set-up a working group and jointly proposed for new business.  Neurala expects that we will get significant additional revenue because of this and other connections we make at MassTLC." -
Roger Matus, VP of Products and Markets, NEURALA, INC., The Photonics Center

Joining the MassTLC Robotics Cluster is one of the best strategic decisions Ras Labs has made as a growing company.  We are enjoying the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders on common initiatives and to validate potential uses for our Synthetic MuscleTM technology.”
Lenore Rasmussen, PhD, Chair of Board, CTO, and Founder, Ras Labs, LLC, Synthetic MuscleTM for Prosthetics & Robotics


The MassTLC Robotics Cluster has been a most valuable resource for Energid’s growth and has provided a conduit for Energid to contribute back to the local robotics community.”
David Askey, Chief Business Development Officer, ENERGID










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