ReDev is Boston’s premiere conference for Developers and Technical Executives who are striving to push limits and bring their organizations to the next level.

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ReDev brings together the entire product chain workforce, from senior level strategists to secure implementation experts and product leaders to the development teams that create the impossible from keystrokes.


Federal Reserve Boston 600 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA


May 16th, 2018 9:30am-5:30pm


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+From reality to mixed reality - A developer’s journey

Learn the oohs and aahs of creating AR/VR apps from the perspective of a (web) engineer. Get an inside look into how an online retailer went from 2D to 3D, and is creating the next generation of shopping experiences. We’ll discuss the process, the tools, the challenges, and the rewards!



Shrenik Sadalgi – Wayfair

+Variable Fonts and Our New Typography

For centuries, typography has shaped the way we ‘hear’ what we read. In our web work, though, we’ve have to balance our typographic desires with user experience and performance, knowing that every weight, width, or style of a typeface required a different file download. Variable fonts change that, as they include _every_ width, weight, slant, and other permutation of a typeface, all in a single file not much bigger than a regular font file. Now, beautiful web typography can be crafted to respond to screen size, language setting, even ambient light. In a detail-packed talk, Jason will show you not just how far the new capabilities can take us, but how to make use of them right away.

Presenter –

Jason Pamental

+Developing for the Healthcare Space

When building products for the healthcare space, having a bug can mean losing FDA approval or even losing a life. While engineers can often use their skills to build any number of tools when they jump company to company, what extra training is needed for healthcare and how much time should be dedicated to building up clinical knowledge of the problem you’re solving or working with academic experts. How can you push for innovation in a highly regulated space?

This session will pull together a panel of experts who are building the products and the people who are charged to implementing them into hospitals.


Jesse Johnson – Verily

Mark Nesline – Imprivata

Sarah Sossong – Mass General Hospital/Partners HealthCare


+Edge Computing: Thinking Beyond the Data Center

For over a decade, centralized cloud computing has been long been considered a standard IT delivery platform. Recently companies have been applying the simplified administration and flexibility of cloud computing architectures to distributed infrastructures that span across multiple sites and networks. Edge Computing is emerging as a new way of delivering IT Infrastructure for use cases that were never imagined. Think about the possibility of a global swarm of hundreds, thousands or even millions of nodes. Edge Computing requires radically different approaches and tools.

Use cases include:

• Extreme edge conditions (IoT, transportation, manufacturing, utility grids, VDI),

• Long distances between nodes (Satellites, Supply-chain, global shipping)

• Significant hardware and network connectivity constraints

• Hub and spoke designs (Telecom networks, global application distributions)

• We need to think differently about an Edge Computing ecosystem.

• Different architectures to different use cases: hierarchical, matrixes, widely distributed, or mesh.

• How node size affects performance and fit for each use case.

• Deployment considerations

• More stringent security (code/design) in exposed environments


Beth Cohen, Product Manager, Verizon

+Ground Truth Problems in Business

Ground truth for data is frequently missing in business. It is either

unavailable, expensive to get, or private. This talk focuses on the

ubiquity of this problem in today’s world in which more and more of the data

production flows require Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

algorithms. How can we measure the accuracy of our algorithms/robots

when curated data is scarce or missing? We offer a universal

suggestion to solving these problems – bypass the need for detailed

knowledge of the ground truth for your data by estimating directly the

statistics of interest for research and business development. We

suggest that a future with smart robots will require that they measure

their own errors so they can function autonomously from humans.

We illustrate this approach with four real-world examples

  • Focusing multiple aerial maps into a precise final map – ground truth


  • Studying the dynamics of data flows in a large ad-tech database with

    HyperLogLog – ground truth expensive.

  • Measuring the accuracy of a unique web ID service (super cookie)

    without user identity – ground truth private.

  • Measuring the accuracy of binary classifiers – ground truth unknown.


Andres Corrada-Emmanuel, Data Engines Corporation

+Bots: Virtual and Intelligent Agents for Better Self-service

Virtual and Intelligent Agents a.k.a. Chatbots are becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. Alexa can turn on your favorite music at the time that you want, and reserve dinner at your favorite restaurant. Life simplified and personalized is the new frontier of digital innovation. So it is no surprise, that a recent Becker’s Hospital Review survey shows that patients as consumers, want their digital healthcare experience to be more accessible and personalized like retail. Included in the six areas consumers said improvement is most needed are, searching for a physician or specialist (81%) and changing or making an appointment (79%), both very critical to improving patient access management.

At Kyruus, we are integrating Virtual Agents into our solutions to improve patient outcomes by matching patients to the right providers through intelligent, automated patient routing and self-service appointment booking capabilities while delivering a highly personalized and engaging patient experience. Adoption of Virtual Agents allows health systems to not only boost patient acquisition, retention, and conversion but also to operate more efficiently by focussing their human agents and providers on high value patient engagements.

In this session, you’ll learn what’s feasible and pragmatic in leveraging Chatbots –

● Chatbots as a distinct UI channel and insights into how to use them to best serve users

● Chatbot framework and selection criteria for type of Chatbot to use

● Conversation design considerations and success factors

● Technology choices and representative architecture for Chatbot integration

● Challenges and lessons learned

● Implications specific to Healthcare


Presented by:

Nausheen Moulana, Kryuus


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