The 2030 Challenge

Tech in Massachusetts lacks diversity in terms of race, ethnicity and gender, and, as a community of tech employers, we need to be more intentional about attracting, hiring, developing and advancing Black, Latinx, and Indigenous workers into technical careers in all sectors and all leadership levels.

As tech leaders, we have been talking for years about the value of a more diverse and inclusive workforce – greater employee attraction and retention, better representing and connecting with customers, better decision-making and financial performance, etc. – yet the participation of Black and Latinx tech workers has seen only modest improvement over time.

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Increasing Diversity

In order to put greater focus and intentionality around this issue, MassTLC is putting forth a “2030 Challenge” to double the percentage of Black and Latinx workers in tech jobs in Massachusetts by 2030. This Challenge builds on our 2020 Challenge to create 100K net new jobs in tech over the past decade.

The 2030 Challenge is a call to action for the entire community – employers, lawmakers, educators, community groups, etc. – to help achieve this important goal. MassTLC will benchmark ongoing progress against the 2030 Challenge goals, provide programming to help the tech industry reach them, and work with all stakeholders to support the initiative.

MassTLC will also focus efforts on working with tech employers to help them increase efforts around attracting, hiring, developing and advancing Black and Latinx talent in tech occupations. The Tech Compact for Social Justice is the cornerstone of our demand-side work as we seek meaningful change in support of our Challenge goals.

In Massachusetts, only 5% of tech occupation workers are Black or African American, and 7% are Hispanic or Latino.
MassTLC’s State of Tech Economy Report, 2019


The tech workforce is predominantly white and male. Without change, it will take generations for Blacks and Latinos to be broadly represented in the tech workforce.

The Boston Globe, November 13, 2017 

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