A Guide to Selecting Eye Tracking Solutions

Photography of a man's right eye

Eye tracking is an innovative area of technology that is rapidly gaining traction. By analyzing people’s eye and head movements, we can uncover insights regarding participant behavior and mindset during a wide variety of situations. However, purchasing the right eye tracking system for your research can be a challenging process — there are many different types of eye tracking solutions with a wide range of features and capabilities available in market today.

Before you decide on an eye tracking solution, you should ask yourself a few simple questions? What environment will you be testing in? What type of measurement parameters and metrics are needed? How would you like to analyze and visualize the data? What advanced features or capabilities will be needed for your project? What is your budget?

Smart Eye’s e-book A Guide to Selecting Eye Tracking Solutions answers these answer to these questions. Download the eBook find out all the details about the different eye tracing solutions, the importance of each, and which one would be the best fit for your needs.


This post was originally published on the Smart Eye blog.

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