A Message to the Tech Community


Dear Members,

I’d like to take this opportunity to address you, our members, the leaders of our region’s technology and innovation community. While COVID-19 is having an impact on all of us, as people, professionals, and business leaders, we remain strong as a community. We are all in this together, and the MassTLC team is working every day to engage our members as we help one another navigate our companies through these uncertain times.

The community that you have built in MassTLC over the past three decades shines brightest in moments like these, where timely access to the right people and information is essential. We may not be gathering face-to-face to share and learn from each other, but we are coming together stronger than ever, supporting one another with advice, camaraderie, best practices and thought leadership as we adapt and transform our organizations for this new reality.

At MassTLC, we’ve stepped up to the challenge and are now flowing important business information from state and federal sources to our members, shining a spotlight on those companies that are going above and beyond to help others, convening virtual roundtables and forums for members to share and learn with each other, and standing up an online community for our members to connect and share directly with one another 24/7.

As technology optimists, our community believes that technology is a force for good in the world and we are seeing this with our community’s response to the pandemic – from emergency management to scheduling platforms to enable social distancing. As technologists and innovators, it is in our nature to be problem solvers and we will lead our community, the nation and the world back to a new, economically prosperous, future. And, we will do it together.

Our strength comes from members like you who lean in to help shape our future. We look forward to fostering this community with you, learning, adapting and helping each other along the way.


Tom Hopcroft
& the MassTLC Team