Coming to You March 14th & 15th:

Why Build?

Over two days of programming, you’ll get a holistic view of building a technology company’s leadership, sales and human resources functions. This includes company site visits, a career fair and a full day of professional development.

The Topics

We’ll take a closer look at the operations of your business in 2019, featuring strategic and tactical insights on topics ranging from product marketing and customer success to understanding, defining, and supporting cross-functional roles in your organization.

The Keynote

Jackie Glenn Headshot

Jackie Glenn
Former VP/Chief Diversity Officer

The Speakers – More to Come!

Cheryl Barbato
Talent Retriever

Josh Buckley
Senior Director, Digital Success Management

Pete Frend

Will Guillaume Foussier
CEO & Founder

Maritza Gamboa
Senior Campus Recruiter
Carbon Black

Kip Hollister
Founder & CEO
Hollister Staffing

Tom Hopcroft
President & CEO

Jeanne Hopkins

Loren Jarrett

John Judge
SVP, Sales

Sherrill Kaplan
VP, Head of Marketing & Sales

Brent Kleiman
Founder & CEO

Katie Kotch
College Recruiting Manager

Ellie Mirman

Kathy Murphy
Market Me Too

Nicole Neves
Associate Manager, Campus Recruiting
Kronos, Inc.

Cindy Olsen
Manager, Product Specialist Group

Jonathan Ranger
Chief Customer Officer

Pam Reeve
Vice Chair
Commonwealth Institute

Debbie Umbach
VP, Marketing

The Agenda

Day 1: Thursday, March 14th

1:00pm Site Visits and Workshops
3:00pm Site Visits and Workshops
5:30pm - 8:00pm Career Fair @ CIC Milk Street

Day 2: Friday, March 15th

Microsoft NERD, Cambridge, MA

7:30am Mentoring Breakfast
This highly personalized breakfast connects mid- to senior level professionals with executives in the tech ecosystem who will share their experience and advice. The mentoring breakfast will be held prior to conference.
8:30am Registration & Networking
9:30am Opening Keynote: Lift While you Climb
Jackie Glenn, Former VP/Chief Diversity Officer, Dell/EMC
Our keynote features the 2018 MassTLC MOSAIC Award recipient, Jackie Glenn. Jackie will share how she has utilized her mantra of “lift while you climb” throughout her life and career to develop individuals and build strong organizations in both her professional and personal life.
10:30am Keynote Panel: Building Holistic Thinkers and Achieving Alignment in Your Organization
Loren Jarrett, CMO, Progress Software - Brent Kleiman, Founder & CEO, Argosight
This executive panel will feature a discussion among some of the emerging, cross functional leaders in tech companies, This panel will examine the power of cross-functional roles for growing your business and foster alignment across your organizations.
11:30am Breakout Sessions: Talent/Professional Development

The Growth Mindset
Kip Hollister, CEO, & Founder, Hollister Staffing & Kathy Murphy, CEO, Market Me Too
This workshop, designed for mid- to senior level employees, will provide insights on how to become a lifelong learner and develop new skills that provide opportunities for advancement throughout your career.

The New Corporate Board
Paula Minnikin, CTO, Spark Engagement - Pam Reeve, Vice Chair, The Commonwealth Institute - Carol Vallone, Chair of the Board of Trustees, McLean Hospital
How do you ensure that your board and management is aligned, engaged and working together to maximize the success of your organization? It’s no longer just about financial metrics, but about including an investment and focus on 21st century workplace design and culture.

12:30pm Peer Group Lunches
MassTLC has several peer groups—from CMO, Women’s Group, to Product Management—within our communities, and we'd like to give you a taste of those during lunch! Choose the peer group that fits your role best and meet others who are facing similar challenges in their business. We are also offering a featured lunch by Innovation Women!
1:30pm Breakout Sessions

SMOPS: Aligning Sales Operations & Marketing Operations for the Good of the Business
Drew Fortin, SVP, Sales & Marketing & John Judge, SVP, Sales, Wordstream
What are the most effective practices for utilizing the latest tech tools and strategies for your business? Examine critical issues in sales and marketing and why alignment across these functions yields success. Learn how to identify customers, collect the right metrics, and measure your success to meet your organization’s goals.

Beyond Corporate Culture: Branding and Marketing for Talent Acquisition
Cheryl Barbado, Founder, Talent Retriever - Bill Chouinard, Director of Talent Acquisition, Cengage - Chad Hixon, Director of Talent Acquisition, CarGurus - Ellie Mirman, CMO, Crayon
In a candidate-driven market, how do companies succeed in talent acquisition? This panel provides insight from B2B and B2C companies who have implemented alignment across marketing and human resource functions. Discuss strategies including how to project your corporate culture externally to attract your target pool of talent.

Customer Discovery
Christina Inge, Founder, Thoughtlight Net - Tom Libretto, CMO, Pega
How do you find customer evangelists? Join our product experts to discuss tactics in finding a devoted customer base. Discuss strategies that include testing a product to building the brand persona for marketing. Ultimately, this will lead to customers who serve as evangelists, within their organizations.
2:30pm Breakout Sessions

Launching a New Product
Pete Frend, Principal, KPMG - Sherrill Kaplin, VP, Head of Sales & Marketing, ZipCar - Josh Buckley, Senior Director, Digital Success Management, PTC - Debbie Umbach, VP, Marketing, BitSight
Join product marketing experts to learn how to launch or pivot a new product, and what that means for each of the teams in your company. Topics discussed will include changing target market, adding a product, pivoting from a product.

Building your Customer Success Organization
Jonathan Ranger, Chief Customer Officer, Evergange - Emmanuelle Skala, SVP of Customer Success, Toast & Jeanne Hopkins, CMO,
Join the experts in discussing strategic and tactical approaches to breaking down silos within your company as you establish a customer success group. Learn how to develop effective processes for a results-driven program and how to set appropriate goals to drive customer engagement and revenue growth. This panel is targeted to senior level executives who want to launch or scale their CS organization.

Designing and Building an Intern Program
Maritza Gamboa, Senior Campus Recruiter, Carbon Black - Katie Kotch, College Recruiting Manager, MathWorks - Nicole Neves, Associate Manager, University Relations, Kronos - Cindy Olson, Manager, Product Specialist Group, InterSystems
This discussion will cover the strategies and best practices for designing and building an intern program within a tech company. We will also introduce the Battle of the Interns 2019.
3:30pm Spotlight on Services

Drive your Company’s Performance with Talent Optimization
Mike Zani, CEO, Predictive Index
Even the best companies fail to reach their full potential—because to shift into higher gear, leaders need to get the people part right. Your organization may be rich with talented individuals, but they’re not assembled and managed in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. This talent gap leads directly to low productivity, poor results, and missed opportunities. But this changes...starting now. Enter talent optimization: a new strategic discipline that aligns people strategy with business strategy for optimal results. Join CEO of The Predictive Index Mike Zani to learn how to mobilize leadership around key business objectives, design goal-crushing teams and culture, and inspire management to unleash maximum productivity from their most asset—their people.

Benefit Trends
Talent acquisition experts will share their knowledge of the biggest challenges and opportunities in hiring.

Fostering a Growth Mindset Through a Coaching Approach to Management
Will Guillaume Foussier, CEO & Founder, Ace-Up
4:30pm Networking Reception

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