CEO Insights Brief #3 During COVID-19


On April 28th MassTLC hosted our third video conference with two dozen tech CEOs who discussed trends they are seeing in the global economy as well as innovations their companies are making in product, marketing, sales, and operations as a result of COVID-19.

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Some CEOs are cautiously optimistic as they experience the Asian Pacific market moving towards recovery. Examples of their reentry planning included employees’ being given masks, sanitizer, and temperature scans upon reentering their office building.

While many CEOs would not require employees to return to the office until they were comfortable with the risk, others are very much looking forward to heading back to their offices and experiencing the energy their team brings to the workday.

As reentry policies are developed, many plans will be incorporating A/B models, whereby specific teams come in on assigned alternating days/weeks, limiting the overall number of people and reducing density in the office at any given time.

Despite staggering staff and social distancing within the office, public transit remains a point of vulnerability as people commute to and from work.

As teams continue to succeed remotely, many of the CEOs are considering where there will be lasting change, from internal operations to hiring talent around the globe to utilizing virtual options for large-scale internal meetings and external user conferences.