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Tom Hopcroft

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To provide CEOs with a curated network of their peers. This community will also provide leadership training and development for those executives looking to gain knowledge as they continue to grow within their careers, become part of a board, or scale their companies.

Community Personas

  • Exec level – professional development, thought leadership, relationships.
  • CEO only – relationships, opportunity to give back to the community through knowledge sharing and mentorship.

Types of Programming

  • DINNER: Curated, more intimate style of programming target to CEO level. (2 x year)
  • FORUM: Professional development, focused on business landscape, policy/advocacy, and
  • CEO SUMMIT/NETWORK – this piece is being defined but will be a platform for CEOs to connect, share best practices, provide advice/input to one another, make connections and mentor/advise one another. We see this as having an in person ½ day component as well as an online component for delivery.
  • VIRTUAL CEO FORUM – set of three curated CEO sessions to be held every 2 weeks for the forseeable future – first session will be 3/31/2020.

Other Community Initiatives

  • Executive Leader Spotlight: showcasing the stories behind some of the great individuals forging their teams and companies ahead. These spotlights will be highlighted on the MassTLC website, social networks, and community newsletter.
  • Ask Me Anything Videos and/or Online interviews with CEOs – goal is one/quarter. These will be recorded and available for viewing on MassTLC website.
  • MassTLC Online Platform – LAUNCHED 3/23/2020 includes Online Communities to supplement and continue online and in-person programming and discussions and create and online CEO community for continued connection, knowledge sharing, and mentoring relationships.
  • CEO Power Breakfasts/Lunches- small gatherings over breakfast or lunch – 6 people.

CEO Community Timeline

Q1 2020

Q2 2020

  • April/May 2020 – CEO Dinner – currently on hold
  • AMA/CEO webinar – Session 2 and Session 3 of CEO virtual series
  • Executive Leader Spotlight
  • CEO power breakfast
  • CEO Community Newsletter

Q3 2020

  • Summer 2020 – CEO Summit/Network Program
  • AMA/CEO webinar
  • Executive Leader Spotlight
  • CEO power breakfast
  • CEO Community Newsletter

Q4 2020

  • TBD – Executive Forum
  • Fall CEO Dinner
  • AMA/CEO webinar
  • Executive Leader Spotlight
  • CEO power breakfast
  • CEO Community Newsletter