Support CS education in Massachusetts!

Our vision is for all students in Massachusetts to understand the
principles of computer science and how it applies in the world.

CS Initiatives

CS Advancement & Lessons
The Ed Foundation curates a library of computer science lessons and webinars from tech companies in Massachusetts to spark interest, knowledge, and curiosity in computer science in children of all ages and backgrounds. These lessons can be created online or in-person in the format of individual members of industry conducting classroom visits or school field trips to experience being in an industry setting.

CS EdWeek Teacher Kits
In collaboration with UMass Amherst, the Ed Foundation distributes a custom poster and provides resources to students across the state. In 2017, over 350 posters were distributed to schools, classrooms, and community centers.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Ed Foundation can work with companies to connect industry professionals with volunteer opportunities in classrooms, schools and the area museums including the Museum of Science and the Museum of Fine Art.

CS Resources

Need a place to start? Take a look at this curated collection of Hour of Code™ lessons for CS EdWeek!

The Ed Foundation’s programming for Technovation includes great workshops in entrepreneurship, coding, & design. Check them out here!

Get Involved!

The Ed Foundation is building a library of CS lessons & webinars, created by Massachusetts companies, to show kids across the state the importance of computer science in the real world.

Not sure what to do or how to build a lesson for kids?
We can help you!

For more information about creating a lesson or hosting a webinar, please contact Sara Fraim.