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June 13, 2023

Capture the benefits of AI and Machine Learning

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AI coupled with Machine Learning will augment nearly every job in every business process across industries. As a technology leader, are you prepared?

In 2023, artificial intelligence will become real in organizations: from no-code AI and OpenAI innovations in the software development world, to managing and automating complex inventory management processes within the retail and eCommerce space.

This program will focus on the emerging technology landscape- as it pertains to AI and ML – and determine how to capture the opportunities they bring for your business.

Who Should Attend

This conference is for leaders who oversee technology and product strategy and implementation of AI/ML, and include those who report into the following organizations:

                        • CTO (including VP/Director of Engineering)
                        • CPO (including VP/Director of Product Management)
                        • CIO (including VP/Director of Information Systems)
                        • CRO/COO (including VP/Director of Sales & Operations)


Program Highlights

        • Gaining a deeper understanding into the types of AI/ML technology initiatives on the horizon
        • Industry use cases of AI/ML particularly for product discovery and customer support
        • Interactive discussions to help you apply industry use cases to your company’s AI strategy to ensure measurable implementation



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SESSION 1: 1:30 PM to 2:25 PM 

From Adoption to Profit: Ensure Successful Outcomes for your AI Strategy  

With the rapid acceleration of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing and more, the demand for digital transformation continues to rise – but how do you move from promise to profits?  Between determining the right level of investment, the most scalable technology stack, and the right set of team members and processes – the pathway to a successful digital transformation using these technologies remains unchartered.  

Leveraging learnings from 200 digital transformations over the past five years, Rob Levin of McKinsey will moderate this dynamic session and drive the conversation around what you need to create a successful AI strategy.  Panelists will share how they have navigated their AI journey and recommend best practices to consider for your own businesses. 

You will walk away with: 

  • The latest data insights on AI use cases based on recent research and use cases from panelists 
  • An introduction to an open-source, detailed playbook for success with your AI strategy 
  • New ways to blend the right methodology with practical tips on implementing AI to unlock vast, new business potential 

Presenter and Moderator: Rob Levin, Partner, Digital and Analytics Practice, McKinsey  

SESSION 2: 2:45 PM to 3:40 PM 

Opportunities for Customer Success 

While the growth of digital platforms has transformed traditional business models across industries, companies are still struggling with how to engage customers—and keep them engaged. Customer service is often the focal point to create long-term engagement. However, the cost to maintain a consistent and scalable customer experience continues to rise along with expectations for immediate service.  

This session will feature examples of how companies are turning to AI to deliver proactive, personalized customer engagement.  Panelists representing different industries and use cases will share examples of how they have implemented AI solutions to increase the number of customer touch points. Attendees still early in their journey with AI will hear best practices on how to get started.  

You will learn: 

  • How AI-enabled customer service can increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities while reducing cost-to-serve 
  • How to prioritize the most important customer related use cases for AI within your organization 
  • How to integrate technology with legacy systems while finding the right talent and organizational governance structures to make it happen 


SESSION 3: 2:45 PM to 3:40 PM 

Questions to Ask and Pitfalls to Avoid 

As we are seeing, AI and Machine Learning are offering new ways to automate, engage with customers, and scale businesses. However, from data quality and complexity to the high costs of implementation – challenges and unknowns around these technologies loom large. In addition, AI has introduced questionable practices that have resulted in businesses making decisions based on AI’s inherent bias, or simply having little to no understanding of how the AI makes decisions. 

This session will discuss the potential pitfalls of AI and Machine Learning that you, as a technology leader should consider. Panelists will share examples of the major technology challenges they have experienced in the adoption of AI, determining the right use cases for it, and ensuring that its integrity is maintained.  

You will learn: 

  • How to understand and control what data needs to go in to your AI solution 
  • How to determine whether or not AI is the right tool for your business and whether it performs the right tasks required 
  • How to keep pace with the adoption of AI within your business and ensure that the right talent is trained to handle its complex nature – particularly in relation to the customer experience 

This program is part of the MassTLC Tech Series 2023: Leading Technology Organizations Into the Future, comprised of four in-person conferences that bring the latest tech trends and innovations to the forefront for local industry leaders. Each of the four conferences will dive into specific topics that reflect what tech leaders need to know to stay ahead.

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