Eighty Percent of New England Tech Leaders Prefer to Hire from Their Alma Mater, says New Survey

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In a new survey, Boston-based Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) provider Talent Works found that New England tech leaders rank experience over education in young talent, and engineering and AI are top areas of priority for tech talent overall

Boston, MASS: Nearly 80% of New England-based tech leaders surveyed prefer to hire from their Alma Mater, or previous companies. These are some of the new findings in a recent survey by Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) provider Talent Works, which surveyed 200 tech leaders to determine the state of hiring tech talent in New England. The survey found that less than half of these tech leaders are finding it easy to fill tech roles, and that 92% of them are open to hiring new grads for 2021/2022.

EmergingTech Talent

More than 85% of the tech leaders felt that emerging tech talent has improved over the past five years, though nearly 80% felt that communications and soft skills were missing from tech job candidate applications.

More than half of those surveyed ranked experience over education in young talent. Boston-based Jody Robie, SVP & Shareholder, Talent Works North America, said that this is highly reflective of the shift she is seeing in startups and other technology firms, particularly since the onset of the pandemic:

“Tech leaders in New England and beyond are realizing that hiring based solely on educational background or specific schools or companies is producing a limited talent pool that may not have the diversity and skillset to give fast-moving tech firms the cutting edge they need to compete. Initially, many startups go to who they know, from former organizations or via alumni programs. However, that pipeline dries up quickly when hiring demand outpaces the natural progression of referrals. RPO providers are helping many companies overcome this, applying talent mapping and candidate tracking from new and diverse talent pools, and working in conjunction with hiring managers.”

More than 90% of the New England tech leaders surveyed identified software engineering and AI as top areas for tech candidate focus skill sets, and equally, more than 90% said they were dedicated to hiring diverse and female tech talent. More than half felt schools should be encouraging students to take more STEM subjects.

On the recruitment front, more than 90% of the tech leaders said they measure brand to gauge appeal to job candidates.

Robie concluded: “Understanding how to measure your employer brand is key to building your company’s reputation as an employer of choice, both to external candidates and existing employees. If you can’t clearly convey the message of what your organization is about, then chances are you may have a certain level of disengagement with existing employees, and risk not getting enough relevant candidates applying for your vacancies. Evaluating your current position and determining how you’d ideally like your business to be perceived, both internally and externally, is going to influence which metrics are most valuable for you to track.”


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