Creating an Incredible Employee Experience One Company Value at a Time

An incredible employee experience is such a lofty goal – yet we all want to attract, empower, and retain the best talent.  An employee’s experience is built on so many things but the foundation is the organization’s company values.  Defining what that means and how we each set our company values defines who we all are.  But just having company values isn’t enough, a panel of HR experts will talk about how they bring their company values to life.

To be discussed:
1. Establish company values – how to choose?
2. Creating accountability around the values
3. Eliminating employees that aren’t a fit with the company’s values
4. Executive sponsorship of the values

Our Speakers: 

  • Brent Kleiman, CEO and Founder, Argosight (Moderator)
  • Kim Castelda, Chief People Officer, Bullhorn
  • Bob Quinn, Chief People Officer, Cygilant
  • Michelle Roccia, Executive Vice President, Employee Engagement, WinterWyman