Cultivating a 50/50 Partnership with your Recruiter

We all know hiring is hard. It requires time and commitment from both the recruiter and the hiring manager, who approach the problems and solutions from different viewpoints. But its the hiring manager who has the ability to set the entire tone for the strategic partnership. They know the position, the team, and what it takes to be successful.  Building better relationships means defining expectations, building trust, and creating clear frameworks for the relationship to thrive and to meet your objectives. In this session, Mark Minichiello, Chief Recruiting Officer at Everbridge will moderate a panel of hiring managers and discuss how to cultivate a partnership that helps you, your team and the company achieve success.

To be discussed:

  1. Communication tactics
  2. Establishing accountability and metrics across the partnership
  3. How to best establish a process for feedback
  4. Tactics to effectively stretch on qualifications in a competitive market
  5. The day in the life of a recruiter versus a hiring manager – Why understanding each other’s world matters

Our Speakers:

  • Mark Minichiello, Chief Recruiting Officer, Everbridge
  • Adam Baratz, Director, Wayfair
  • Jessica Griffin, Vice President of Global Product Management, Kronos
  • Helen Slowey, Recruiting Manager, Software Engineering, Wayfair