Culture in the Age of the Employee

Our Keynote Speaker: Russ Campanello, SVP of Human Resources, iRobot

With unemployment at historic lows and key skills in short supply the acquisition, engagement and retention of talent have never been more critical.  In the age of the employee, the only thing limiting growth is how quickly we can get talent in the door and engage them in their mission.  The economics of talent have never been as dynamic or impactful.  Employers are confronted by the reality that the workforce is now setting the terms. 

How can culture sustain an organization as it seeks to attract and engage the workforce necessary to execute the strategy of the organization?  Culture has been assigned an almost institutional role…like history it is seen as unchangeable.  Today organizations need cultures that are agile enough to hold the past while evolving to the future.

Russ Campanello, has served as iRobot’s EVP of HR and Corporate Communications since 2010. During this time, Russ has led iRobot through a successful transition from a diversified robotics engineering company into a focused consumer brand while growing globally at an unprecedented pace. At the core of the iRobot’s success has been the creation of an agile organization culture that has evolved with the organization.  In this talk, Russ will share best practices and lessons learned in creating and maintaining culture aligned with a company’s core mission and aligned with its business priorities.