From Hire to Inspire – the quest for maximum engagement

Our Keynote Speaker:  Mike Zani, CEO, Predictive Index

Whether we’re looking to hire the best-fit candidate or manage our current workforce to greatness, we’re all looking for the same thing—maximum productivity, emotional commitment, a sense of belonging, and personal ownership to the company and its goals. But too often, we go about it the wrong way and at the wrong time. They key to maximum engagement starts during the hiring process—putting an emphasis on finding people who not only have the right skills, but who possess the native drives and ability to crush their objectives. But after the hiring’s done, we must ensure our managers are armed with the insights and development they need to be great leaders. Join Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, to understand how people think and work and how to craft the ultimate journey from hire to inspire and achieve maximum workforce engagement.