Go Team Go! The 5-Step Coaching Strategy My Tech Manager Clients Use to Build Thriving, High-Performing Teams

Coaching ability is a core management competency but it is often overlooked.  A lot of managers don’t realize that being a great coach for their team is essential to getting stuff done and keeping morale high.  I’ve helped hundreds of tech managers who are struggling to be better coaches, and what I’ve found is that, if they don’t develop their coaching ability, this results in:  communication failures, lack of trust, personality conflicts & petty infighting, team boredom (and bored people quit!), mind-numbing meetings, countless unproductive late-night work sessions, failure to deliver on-time & on-budget, frustrated clients/customers (who may bail!), lost time/money/sanity…and that’s just off the top of my head!  During this interactive session, we will discuss strategies that I use to coach my clients – and that they use to coach their teams – that solve all of these problems and result in thriving, high-performing teams who are rewarded for their supreme contributions.  Come ready to learn, challenge each other, and turn your ideas into action!

Speaker: Jen Bunk, Ph.D., Architect, The People Stack®