The Big Push – When Hiring Skyrockets

High volume hiring. The need for it usually happens in an instant. Everyone wants you to staff up quickly – with the highest quality people, who are all a culture fit and are all dying to get into your company, of course.

High volume doesn’t mean the same to all. If you’re early stage, in an instant you may need to bolster the team across the organization in all kinds of functions. Where do you start? Or maybe you just got a B round of funding and it’s time to grow a sales team by 10 people per month. Even better, the board has decided it’s time to build a US based development team which requires hiring 30 engineers immediately. Perhaps you’re an enterprise level company that made a shift in strategy and you are now facing a challenge of onboarding 500 hires in the next 6 months. No question, they are all painful. But the good news is, these are not impossible hurdles. This panel discussion with those that have lived “The Big Push” will explore the questions that need to be answered quickly as well as solutions you can execute in your own environment.

Our Speakers: 

  • Cheryl Barbato, Co-Founder & President, Talent Retriever (moderator)
  • Greg Augustine, COO, Azara Healthcare
  • Darcey Harrison, Vice President, Commercial Sales, Markforged
  • Chad Hixon, Director of Talent Acquisition, CarGurus