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Valuing Neurodiversity in Tech (Series 3 of 4)

August 5, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

A 4-part behavioral health series to help tech execs better navigate psychological safety & anti-stigma requirements in today’s workforce.

Now more than ever, tech leaders are concerned with the mental wellbeing of their workforce. MassTLC and MindWise Innovations have come together to provide a four-part behavioral health series to help tech executives better navigate the psychological safety and anti-stigma requirements in today’s workplace. This session will explore the following topics:

This session will explore the following topics:

  1. Myths and Facts about neurodiverse individuals
  2. Cognitive and related skills which make tech a professional fit
  3. Specific enhanced cognitive skills including pattern recognition, attention to detail, sustained concentration, logical analysis and error detection.
  4. Unique struggles for those who identify as neurodiverse
  5. Contributions to teams and innovation
  6. Psych Safety: Leadership is attuned to new learnings and promotes conversations via conferences, workshops; creating and sustaining ERG groups; providing resources and systemic supports within the workplace.
  7. Psych safety – more need to understand how learning occurs and can be optimized across org.

Moderator: Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D., Director, Behavioral Health Consulting, MindWise Innovations


  • Dan Tater, CEO and Co-Founder, ADK Group
  • Leslie O’Brien, Program Manager, Aspire Works
  • Sydney Gregory, CSM, Project Manager, Marketing Communications, US Chair, Neurodiversity Community, Red Hat