Facing Challenges as a CEO: 128 Technology Founder & CEO, Andy Ory


At the MassTLC Executive Forum on January 31st, five CEOs from Massachusetts growth companies will share the most important lessons that they have learned as leaders. Catch a sneak peek from 128 Technology Founder & CEO , Andy Ory, below.


Here are a few unique items about my time as CEO in which I faced and challenges or opportunities…

(1) My founding management team remained my leadership team through – and beyond – our transition to a public business.  Scaling individuals AND teams presented unique challenges.

(2) Missing quarters anytime is a challenge.  As a public company, it really tests the business leadership and can impact culture over time.

(3) Repeat entrepreneurial activities provide the chance for folks to work together on multiple opportunities.  It’s important to note that people grow and change over time, and sometimes working together again is great and sometimes it is not.

There are so many others: working and scaling a business locally, working with a changing work force (millennials), dealing with global uncertainty…

Join us on January 31st to hear Andy’s thoughts on these and other challenges facing company leaders.