MassTLC and Brandeis University present

Stepping up to Lead: Foundations of Management for the Tech Sector

March 7-11, 2022, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

That step from individual contributor to people leader is difficult, and many companies do not have the expertise or resources to help train aspiring managers. This not only creates issues for the business, it adds to workforce turnover since one of the main reasons employees leave a company is because of a bad manager. To help companies facing these challenges, we have partnered with Brandeis University to create a training program for first time managers.

This five-day course will cover:

– Strategy and innovation in technology

– Becoming a frontline leader

– Hiring, training and developing your team

– Managing conflict, performance and change

– Leading an agile business system


We expect this to fill up fast. Register by January 28th to guarantee your spot. 

Register 4+ employees from your company and save $1,000+


Course Agenda


Day 1: March 7, 2022,  9am – 12:30am

Topic: Strategy and Innovation in Technology: The challenges of leadership

  • Understand the strategies and business models in technology sectors
  • Develop an approach to diagnosing innovation challenges facing firms
  • Explore the role of middle managers in strategic decisions and implementation

Day 2: March 8, 20212  9am – 12:30pm

Topic: Becoming a Frontline Leader

  • Understand your role as a frontline leader in a team-based organization
  • Map out key roles in your team and how they connect to each other and the larger ecosystem
  • Build networks of relational coordination among key roles through relational leadership

Day 3: March 9, 2022,  9am – 12:30am

Topic: Hiring, Training and Developing Your Team

  • Identify the technical and relational competencies needed for your team to meet its performance goals
  • Hire team members for technical and relational competencies
  • Train team members for technical and relational competencies
  • Further develop their technical and relational competencies through coaching

Day 4: March 10, 2022,  9am – 12:30am

Topic: Managing Conflict, Performance and Change

  • Coach team members to achieve their performance goals
  • Coach team members to notice and resolve their conflicts
  • Coach team members through times of stress and change

Day 5: March 11, 2022,  9am – 12:30am

Topic: Leading an Agile Business System

  • Recognize the uncertain, and variable environment in which innovation takes place
  • Understand Agile principles and values as foundational to a culture of innovation
  • Apply systems thinking to see the agile process as part of the overall business system rather than a mechanical process
  • Understand the role of the Leader in the agile business system


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