Activating your Customers’ Voice to be Your Best Marketing Asset

We all know that buyers today put way more trust in what your customers have to say than your marketing messages and sales promises. This means the most important thing you can do to drive growth is to create successful customers, and showcase the value and success they experience to acquire and expand more customers. But having customers market and sell for you is hard, because of a number of internal and external challenges.

In this panel discussion, you’ll hear how forward-thinking business leaders have resolved these fundamental challenges:

  • How do you justify the investment in customer voice programs, given all the competing demands for resources and the desire of some groups to control access to customers?
  • What new, innovative ways are being used to turn your customers into your best marketing assets that are more effective than classic case studies, reference programs, and testimonials?
  • How do you get customers to share their stories even when they have corporate policies against endorsing vendors?
  • How do you measure the impact of your customer voice programs?

Our Speakers:

  • Jeff Ernst, Founding Partner, SlapFive (moderator)
  • Kate Cohen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Carbon Black
  • Colleen Reidy, Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy and Engagement, Progress
  • Vinda Souza, VP of Marketing Communications, Bullhorn