Maneuvering through the Seasons of Growth

When you’re trying to grow and scale a technology company, you need alignment, strategy, and a great product that solves business problems. Growth is not a one and done endeavor. It’s a continuous push. For leaders, the challenge often lies in maneuvering through the seasons of growth – things like funding rounds, market dynamics, and increased market share. What happens when you meet or exceed those aggressive growth goals? What’s next?

In this keynote, Force Management Managing Partner John Kaplan will run through how technology executives lead through seasons of growth.

  • How does your focus on buyers change from startup to foundation to expansion stage
  • Sure you need more people as you grow, but how do you ensure they’re the right people?
  • What do you need from your reps and leaders as you maneuver through growth stages?

Join John for a frank discussion on how to own the growth strategy and deliver results.

How Did They Do It? Lessons for the Experts

There’s no better way to learn how to maneuver through the seasons of growth than to talk to the leaders who have been there, done that. Following John’s presentation, he’ll be joined on stage by some of the area’s most successful growth leaders across the organization for a frank discussion on lessons learned and how to get it right.

– Brian Ahern, Chairman and CEO, Threat Stack
– Alison Elworthy, VP of Customer Success, HubSpot
Kara Gilbert, Chief People Officer, Turbonomic
Mike McGuiness, SVP, Sales, Veracode