Stop Flying Blind: Become Your Company’s Next Win/Loss Program Ninja!

Companies often rely on sales to understand why deals are won or lost.  This can be problematic as their view can often be incomplete and heavily biased.  Ideally, win/loss programs leverage insight directly from buyers and turn that insight into action.  The market intelligence gained can not only improve sales but inform the product roadmap, provide competitive intelligence and marketing tactics, strategies and messaging.  Our panel of experts will share how they launched an effective win/loss program and how their findings helped build action plans that drove positive change.

Our Speakers:

  • Ryan Sorley, Founder, DoubleCheck Research (moderator)
  • Rob Bois, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Fuze
  • Deb Richards, VP of Global Sales Operations, TraceLink
  • Robin Saitz, CMO, Avecto