Growth Going Global, Charting the Path

Having sold 20 million robots, iRobot is the global leader in home robots. In recent past, the company has gone through an amazing international transformation that has enabled the company to drive growth and expand at an unprecedented speed. In 2016, iRobot launched operations in mainland China, establishing a base of operations to service the growing China market. Soon after in 2017 the company acquired its Japanese and then its European distributors, expanding the operations from three countries to eleven different countries in a single year.  The globalization of iRobot has allowed the company to enhance the company’s distribution network, ensure global brand consistency and better serve the needs of global consumers while driving continued growth through a consistent approach to all market activities including sales, marketing, branding, channel relationships and customer service. 

In this talk, Christian Cerda, iRobot’s Chief Operations officer will walk us through the process he and his team took to bring iRobot global.  From scaling sales and marketing, operations and talent, it’s a process that has to be taken thoughtfully to ensure success.  Mel Wolfgang from Boston Consulting Group will join the conversation with Christian to probe and ask the tough questions you need to be thinking about when you decide to make the leap over the pond. 

Expect to discuss and learn more about:

  • The benefits of taking an organization global and the opportunities it brings.
  • The different phases of globalization. How the organization structure must evolve and change with each stage of growth.
  • The challenges and pitfalls to look out for when looking to globalize.
  • Explore specific considerations when scaling sales and marketing, operations and talent before pursuing an international expansion. 

Our Speakers:

  • Christian Cerda, COO, iRobot
  • Mel Wolfgang, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group