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Jonathan Burg
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Ellie Mirman
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SVP of Customer Success

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To provide members of Customer Success, Marketing and Sales community with a trusted network of people for professional and business development and growth. This community brings together an audience where professionals can explore best practices, sharing insight and innovative ideas. Network can be accessed through in person and online platforms.


The MassTLC Growth community of professionals is a very active group. The Growth professional groups include: CMOs, Customer Success, Product Marketers, and Demand Generation practitioners. This community comes together to explore fresh ideas and perspectives in 2020 to our community.

The co-chairs of this community are Jonathan Burg, Ellie Mirman, and Emmanuelle Skala.

Who should be involved?

  • CMOs/SVP of Sales/VP of Customer Success – professional development, thought leadership, relationships. Smaller, more curated audience.
  • Director/Manager level – Learning and building a network. Exploring best practices while drawing new perspectives from people’s experience. Sessions with combination of focused topic and then structured networking (open, but facilitated discussion).
  • Customer Success Managers/Directors
  • Product Marketing Managers/Directors
  • Demand Generation Managers/Directors


The Growth programming will roll out into quarterly peer-based meetings, continuing to bring strength in content and involvement.  All Growth programming will focus on all aspects of the growth cycles. Topics include:

  • Hypergrowth-building companies to scale
  • Brand/influencer marketing
  • Customer success focused strategies
  • Marketing and Sales integration- important but overused
  • Revenue Operations
  • Product Marketing
  • Customer retention, production adoption and growth.
  • Demand Generation: prospects and acquisition

Types of Programs

  • Monthly Virtual Peer Meetings (during COVID-19): Office-hour style discussions, where like-minded professionals meet to network and discuss best practices and trends that affect them each day. Usually hosted by a highly regarded talent professional, featuring a topical issue.
  • CMO Dinner: Where professional development and relationship building takes place among marketing leaders. Meet annually.
  • Growth Summit Program: Fall 2020, TBD
  • Webinar or content companion series: Sales Webinar planned for Q2.

Other Community Initiatives

  • MassTLC Central Online Platform – LAUNCHED 3/31/2020includes Growth Community Forum to supplement and continue online and in-person programming and discussions and create and online growth community for continued connection, knowledge sharing, and networking.  As an interactive platform that enables you to post directly on the site via desktop and mobile devices. MassTLC Central also offers email notifications from which you can join a conversation or post a comment.
  • Thought leadership: Spread the word in our connected and active community
    • Monthly newsletters: Member spotlights, community news, MassTLC events.
    • Growth community on MassTLC site: Update quarterly with fresh content distribution in the form of stories, blogs, research, etc.
  • Board-Ready-Bootcamp
  • Boston Tech Jam

2020 Program Timeline


  • January: Newsletter
  • February 25th: CMO meeting at Acquia
  • February 26th: Demand Generation meeting hosted by Demandbase
  • March 11: Product Marketing at SteelCase—Postponed to Fall in-person event


  • April 10th: Newsletter
  • April 15th: CMO Virtual Forum amidst COVID-10 crisis
  • April 21st: Demand Generation virtual meeting with Demandbase
  • April: Sales and Talent Webinar, “Virtual teams,” TBD
  • June 3rd: Product Marketing Webinar


  • July: Awards Judging
  • July: Newsletter
  • August: Demand Generation meeting
  • September 22: CMO Meeting at KPMG
  • September: Customer Success meeting


  • October: Growth Summit
  • October: Newsletter
  • November: CMO meeting at Pega Systems
  • November: Product Marketing
  • December: Customer Success (TBD pending on Growth half day topic and date)

How to be involved


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