Hey Robot, is That Report Ready?

Image Source: https://qz.com

Robots: the products of the budding robotics industry are overhyped as either end of an extreme spectrum, the solution to all of humanity’s problems or the end of jobs. The reality, of course, is more complex. One thing, though, is certain. Robots will change life as we know it.

In Hey robot, is that report ready?, the Boston Globe paints a picture of the changes we can expect, both in the present and in the distant future – and, most important, how we can begin to adapt.

“Robots have long been seen as a futuristic threat that will take our jobs. But many of us will increasingly be working alongside them, rather than being replaced by them, a dynamic that several Boston-area companies are advancing with collaborative robots that can take over routine tasks, such as assembly, heavy lifting, and number-crunching,” writes the Globe’s Katie Johnston.

As MassTLC noted to Johnston for the piece, over 300 robotics-related companies have been created in Massachusetts, half of which have been created in the past eight years alone.

Learn what to can expect from this rising industry by reading the full article in the Boston Globe.