Keeping Tech Teams Motivated While Working Remotely


COVID-19 has shifted the way in which many of us work, moving engineering and developers who are often working in team, into our homes. Compounding that change are the added stressors of families at home or roommates also being remote. To help share some best practices for not just managing but also excelling as part of a tech team, members of the Progress developer group who have long experience as remote workers, took some time to join us for a virtual roundtable.

Some best practices that the Progress team shared include:

  • Use your tools. Technology has improved greatly with better sound, video, and sharing platforms. Take advantage of these.
  • Continue to be seen. Stand-ups don’t need to go away, they are just done over video. You can’t not show up for your in-person stand up, so turn that video on and be present.
  • Know your best self. If you work best uninterrupted, do what you can to schedule calls and meetings around that time so you can focus and create.

Click here for the full conversation and more tips.