ezCater Report: The Role of Lunch in the Hybrid Office

Aerial view of 8 people gathered around a table sharing a meal. There are full plates of food and everyone is reaching in to clink their glasses together.

The hybrid office is here. Schedules are more flexible, and daily attendance is not mandatory. Even so, 93% of the respondents in our recent return to office survey said that if their employers make it possible for them to return to the office, they intend to do so for at least part of the time.

A big draw to return to the office has to do with everyone’s favorite part of the workday: lunch. People miss the bonding time and free-form conversations that take place eating lunch together. Managers also see the value of lunch: 65% of survey respondents in manager level or higher roles agree that socialization during lunch breaks is critical to team building.

Our latest report, “The Role of Lunch in the Hybrid Office,” takes a deeper look at how employees and managers think about lunch in the new hybrid setting, and why companies should leverage food as their most powerful tool for motivating in-person attendance in the hybrid office environment.

As many organizations settle into a long-term hybrid model — with more complicated employee rotation schedules and varying numbers of people on site each day — it will be important to find opportunities to bring the team together. Lunch has the power to do just that.

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