Managing boards, addressing social issues, choosing MA – Insights from CEOs


On Friday, January 31, at MassTLC’s Executive Forum, attendees were given the unique opportunity to observe a conversation among some of the leading tech CEOs in the region. The conversation was led by WPI’s first Executive Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Donna Levin, and touched upon why CEOs opted for Massachusetts, what they really think of creating a company culture, and some of the aspects of being a CEO that never occurred to you.

The panel members included:

  • Jan Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder, meQuilibrium
  • Sam King, CEO, Veracode
  • Corey Thomas, Chairman & CEO, Rapid7
  • Andy Ory, CEO & Co-Founder, 128 Technology
  • Bill Wagner, CEO, LogMeIn

Prior to the event, we heard from Jan, Sam, Andy, and Bill on some of the lessons they learned along the way.