November 9, 2018


Federal Reserve Bank, 600 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA

2nd Annual MassIntelligence Conference: A one-day tech intelligence conference

This conference takes a look at the emerging artificial and machine intelligence capabilities that successful business leaders will be adopting in the next one to three years. Pioneering industry leaders will share their insights on how AI, MI, sensors and smart infrastructure will impact every business, with examples in healthcare, transportation, smart cities, ethics, and more.


MassIntelligence will bring together industry, academia and venture capital professionals to talk about what’s next.

Keynote Speakers:

Lisa Amini
IBM Research Cambridge

Rohit Prasad
Vice President and Head Scientist
Amazon Alexa

Speakers Include:

Heather Ames
Co-Founder and COO

Ed Anthes-Washburn
Executive Director
New Bedford Port Authority

Ed Bernardon
VP Automotive Strategy
Siemens PLM Software

Nicholas Evans
Professor Dept of Philosophy
UMass Lowell

Luke Fletcher
Senior Manager
Toyota Research Institute

Jeff Fried
Director of Product Management

Setrag Khoshafian
Chief Evangelist

Nancy Ranxing Li
Product Manager of IoT Smart Cities

Abdelrahman Mahmoud
Senior Product Manager

Maciej Pacula
Team Lead, Computational Pathology
Mass General Hospital

Sunanda Parthasarathy
Associate Director, Data Science

Viktoriia Samatova
Head of Research and Development for Quantextual Research
State Street Global Exchange

Sim Simeonov

Daniel Sullivan
Policy Analyst
MA Department of Transportation

Vinodh Swaminathan
Principal, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions

Linda Thayer
IP Attorney/Partner
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner

Alexander Wyglinski
Director of the Wireless Innovation Laboratory


9:00am-9:30amRegistration, Networking, Welcome
9:30am-10:15amKeynote: Rohit Prasad, Amazon Alexa

The computing industry has been on an inexorable march toward simplifying human-computer interaction, and earlier this decade Amazon bet big on combining voice technology and artificial intelligence. In 2014, with the introduction of Echo and Alexa, Amazon created an entirely new technology category with an AI-first strategy and vision. Since then, Alexa has captured the imagination of customers across the globe, and the company has accelerated the pace of AI research and innovation to improve the experience for customers and developers. With a focus on real-world applications of AI at scale, Amazon’s efforts today are applied to growing Alexa’s intelligence and her understanding of the customer. Join Rohit Prasad, vice president and head scientist of Amazon Alexa, as he shares how recent science and engineering innovations are advancing Alexa’s ability to be more competent, natural, and personal.
10:20am-11:00amKeynote: Lisa Amini, Director of the IBM Research Cambridge (includes MIT-IBM Watson Lab)

Recent breakthroughs in machine learning and AI and growing industry adoption have enabled AI researchers to set our sights even higher. This presentation is focused on fundamental advances in AI capabilities we are pursuing at IBM Research Cambridge and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, and potential applications in healthcare, life sciences and cybersecurity. For example, today’s approaches require specialized training to perform well at specialized tasks. New algorithms and approaches are needed to perform more complex tasks, to adapt in changing environments, to learn from less data, and to interact more naturally with humans through introspection and explanation. Advances are also needed to make systems more robust to adversarial attacks and to enable fairness despite human bias often present in training data. I will also highlight the novel academic+industry approach we are taking to AI research, and why it is both unique and compelling.
11:10am-12:00pmBreakout Sessions

Optimizing Customer Engagement
- Sunanda Parthasarathy, Associate Director, Data Science, Wayfair
- Sim Simeonov, CTO, Swoop
- Vinodh Swaminathan, Principal, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions, KPMG

Companies that are using AI and machine learning applications to learn behaviors and offer personalized experiences will reap the benefits of expanded, engaged and loyal customer bases. Leaders from a diverse set of companies will discuss their efforts in data collection, analysis and machine learning to individualize and change their way of business.

Transportation & Mobility: what’s research, what’s reality, what’s next?
- Abdo Mahmoud, Senior Product Manager, Affectiva
- Luke Fletcher, Senior Manager, Toyota Research Institute
- Alexander Wyglinski, Director of the Wireless Innovation Laboratory, WPI
- Daniel Sullivan, Policy Analyst, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Transportation is one of the most fundamental aspects facing humanity around the world. Advances in the automotive industry will allow all individuals to travel in a variety of conditions. Our panel of experts will discuss the role AI currently plays, what is being deployed in vehicles today, and what is on the horizon, both in and outside of the vehicles.

12:00pm-1:10pmLunch, Networking, Visit our Sponsors, MassTLC 5G Challenge Launch
1:10pm-2:10pmTech Talks

How to Rapidly Prototype an AI Solution
- Heather Ames, Co-Founder and COO, Neurala

Dr. Ames will discuss how new tools and technologies in AI are disrupting the traditional AI workflow. She’ll share pragmatic and tangible recommendations for building an AI solution (faster, better and smarter) as well as share new tools on the market today to help you rapidly prototype your AI Solution.

Machine Learning in the Clinic: Lessons from MGH Pathology
- Jeff Fried, Director of Product Management, InterSystems
- Maciej Pacula, Team Lead, Computational Pathology, Mass General Hospital

Connecting the Nation’s Top Fishing Port
- Ed Anthes-Washburn, Executive Director, New Bedford Port Authority
2:15pm-3:15pmBreakout Sessions

Intelligent Connected Cities
- Ed Bernardon, VP Automotive Strategy, Siemens PLM Software
- Setrag Khoshafian, Chief Evangelist, Pegasystems
- Nancy Ranxing Li, Product Manager of IoT Smart Cities, Verizon

A connected city brings benefits to the residents and the municipal agencies and departments that serve them. For instance, smart lighting is more efficient, saving substantial costs to the city which can be passed down to the residents, and it also provides added safety and security. Connected cars and street lights can enable traffic managers to control traffic lights to optimize the flow of traffic in the most congested areas. From services to safety a smart, connected city, will be a successful and economically sound city.

Ethics Around AI
- Nicholas Evans, Professor Dept of Philosophy, UMass Lowell
- Viktoriia Samatova, Head of Research and Development for Quantextual Research, State Street Global Exchange
- Linda Thayer, Partner, Finnegan

Decisions derived from data have the ability to drastically change the way a company operates, interacts with its customers, and creates products. As machines become capable of helping make these decisions, it is the humans that must adhere to a set of standards for governance, privacy, and ethics. Our panel will lead us through the six basic principles for AI: fairness, safety, privacy, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency.

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