November 9, 2018


The Federal Reserve Boston

2nd Annual MassIntelligence Conference: A one-day full stacked intelligence tech conference

This one-day conference will feature industry leaders sharing insights into their pioneering work in artificial intelligence through sensors and infrastructure as applied to consumer tech, healthcare, and transportation.

We will also get a glimpse into the future as we combine the MassIntelligence conference with the Future of Robotics and IoT, where university researchers share their lab’s cutting-edge work as they make advances in bio-inspired, collaborative, healthcare and transportation robotics.

MassIntelligence will bring together industry, academia and venture capital professionals to talk about what’s next.

Sessions Include:

How E-Commerce is Changing
Understanding and interacting with your customers has become increasingly targeted. As e-commerce companies continue to collect and analyze data in a more sophisticated manner, the encounters you have with your consumer base will be highly individualized and change the way in which you do business.

AI Interfaces – Interacting with Voice and Vision
Whether you are a consumer or an-end user, technological advances coupled with complex algorithms have enabled interactions with voice and vision to become seamless communication tools.

Transportation & Mobility
Whether urban or rural, water, rail or air, transportation is one of the most fundamental aspects facing humanity around the world. Advances in the automotive industry will allow all individuals to travel in a variety of conditions. Advances in aerospace will continue to improve the efficiency, safety, and attainability.

Intelligent Connected Cities
A connected city brings benefits to the residents and the municipal agencies and departments that serve them. For instance, smart lighting is more efficient, saving substantial costs to the city which can be passed down to the residents, and it also provides added safety and security. Connected cars and street lights can enable traffic managers to control traffic lights to optimize the flow of traffic in the most congested areas. From services to safety a smart, connected city, will be a successful and economically sound city.

Technology is Overhauling Healthcare
Healthcare’s multiple parts – diagnostics, delivery, and billing – have been heavily impacted by huge amounts of data and complex analytics. Coupled with the introduction of robotics into delivery and continued care, this industry is seeing a major overhaul.

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