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The table below provides information on organizations that connect employers and potential candidates. Some of these organizations provide training as well.


Apprenti provides a proven, reliable pipeline for underrepresented groups such as minorities, women and veterans to gain training, certification and placement within the talent-hungry tech industry.

Through our innovative selection, certification and hiring process, we are bridging the talent gap and meeting the demands of the tech industry’s growing workforce.



Black Tech Pipeline is a platform for the #BlackTechTwitter community to continue collaborating, receiving support, resources, and opportunity by other technologists who look like them. Black Tech Pipeline connects its pipeline of diverse tech talent with employers who prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion.



BostonHires is a city-led movement to establish unemployed and under-employed Boston residents in good jobs – jobs paying at least the living wage (currently $14.82 per hour), with at least half of these offering employer-sponsored benefits. BostonHires aims to place 20,000 residents in good jobs by 2022.



CodeSquad is a non-profit coding academy that trains talented adults from low-opportunity backgrounds to become full-stack web developers and launch a new career. Students receive an intensive “bootcamp” training in web and mobile-app development… and in soft skills like effective communication and leadership. After completing their training, students are placed in internships in greater Boston. As companies and interns work together, workplace diversity can increase, and product development can improve.


CyberWarrior Academy is a social enterprise and workforce development program that provides Cybersecurity and Career Development training with a specific focus on underserved individuals and veterans with 2 to 5 years of IT industry experience. The training is intensive, pragmatic, hands-on, and delivered by Cybersecurity practitioners and white-hat hackers. The training includes real-world exposure to the rapidly changing threat landscape. Not only will students develop the technical competency to deliver immediate value to sponsor employers, but they will also learn how to constantly investigate new innovations so that their skills remain relevant. Recruitment will focus on minority, women, and veteran candidates, and will be drawn from sponsor companies, community colleges, and other workforce development programs.

CyberWarrior Academy addresses the growing demand for qualified Information Security talent while also creating long-lasting career opportunity for people in help desk and technical support roles, which are not in high-demand and often do not pay wages lucrative enough to allow for significant economic mobility. The program provides skill development of existing staff and/or a recruitment option to source candidates in this high demand area.  After completion of the program, candidates will have the requisite skill sets for Information Security Analyst level 1 and 2 roles plus 3 industry-standard cybersecurity certifications.


Hack.Diversity addresses one of the region’s most glaring workforce inefficiencies, bringing together underrepresented sources of talent with the region’s hottest, fastest growing companies in tech and healthcare. A unique internship-to-employment pipeline, the program provides diversity consulting and training for hiring companies, and provides engineers of color with training, coaching, and mentoring – positioning both employer and employee for long-term success.



iRelaunch works directly with over 14 Fortune 100 companies and over 30 Fortune 500 (or equivalent) companies in a range of roles, to develop, pilot, source for, present in and publicize their reentry internship programs, or similarly support their efforts to hire relaunchers directly into open roles without internships. Founded in 2007, iRelaunch has been deeply engaged with its employer partners, a national network of alumni career services directors at leading colleges and universities, professional organizations across industry sectors, and a global community of nearly 30,000 people. iRelaunch’s long-time connections with university alumni offices and professional organizations expand its reach to millions of relaunchers in the U.S. and beyond.



Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) is among the oldest and largest providers of adult education and workforce development services in Greater Boston, serving a diverse clientele representing over 90 nations, and speaking 50 languages, and helping people secure financial independence through educational and employment services. With over 80 years of demonstrated excellence in workforce development, JVS has a reputation for continuous innovation, building person-centered and performance-based models to improve outcomes and increase programmatic effectiveness. JVS partners with over 1,300 area employers to help fill vacancies and provide the education their employees need to ascend their career ladders.



JobPath is the leading tool for veterans transitioning from the military by providing online job training linked to real job opportunities. Established in 2013 by nationally renowned leaders in the veteran employment community, JobPath has solved the problems related to veteran hiring by combining a powerful Resume Generator with a Military Skills Translator with free online job training, social mentoring, and job searching. Through this free site for veterans, JobPath gives users the opportunity to search for employment and take critical business courses online to become trained to develop skills in areas military veterans have lacked. From Basic Bookkeeping to Microsoft Office, JobPath’s training library is comprised of 155 diverse and intricate courses that veterans can utilize to become better candidates. In addition, companies can develop their own customized online courses within our site to get veterans trained for specific jobs they are looking to fill. And with tens of thousands of veterans already enrolled and over 6,000 more joining every month, JobPath has quietly become the clear leader for current and former military members looking for work.



LatInc is the global Latino professionals networking app & website that enables collaboration between Latino Students and Professionals. You can easily find other Latino Professionals, collaborate and discover opportunities.



Mattapan Tech‘s primary goal is to provide low and no cost job training opportunities and job placement assistance to 600 individuals every year; 200 students per session with each session running for 4 months. Each training program includes classroom presentation and hands-on training in a real workplace environment. By the end of each training session, students are expected to be qualified to take and pass their professional certification exams and have the necessary credentials and work experience to earn an entry level position in retail or in the technical service industry and maintain the position. After successfully training students, Mattapan Tech continues to assist them with job search and job placement and monitor their job performance and social progress for at least one year.



The Neurodiversity in the Workplace Initiative doesn’t just imagine diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They create it. Through powerful partnerships, they connect qualified candidates with Autism to quality jobs that fit their skill sets.


Per Scholas prepares motivated and curious adults for successful careers in technology through no-cost customized training courses powered by today’s biggest technology employers.
Transition Overwatch  

Transition Overwatch transforms military members into future leaders equipped with the skills needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. Transition Overwatch partners with forward-thinking companies to close their digital skills gap, diversify their workforce, grow their military talent, and improve their veteran retention. Our Unconventional Apprenticeship is an innovative, plug-and-play workforce development solution powered by a diverse pool of military talent. The Unconventional Apprenticeship combines accelerated upskilling, on-the-job applied learning, professional development, coaching and community, into a holistic military hiring and retention strategy. Together we’re forging the workforce of tomorrow from the military talent of today.



reacHIRE is changing the trajectory for women in the workplace by partnering with forward-thinking companies to create environments where women thrive, advance, lead and stay. reacHIRE gives companies access to exceptional and experienced professional women they cannot find on their own. Through customized programs tailored to a company’s unique business needs and culture, reacHIRE carefully selects under-the-radar, top talent who voluntarily off-ramped and are ready to on-ramp into a defined project assignment or permanent role. With more than 1.6 million women committed to resuming their careers, reacHIRE’s sourcing techniques and cohort-based training curriculum offer immediate value to innovative corporations committed to alternative talent acquisition strategies. reacHIRE women have outstanding academic credentials, leadership experience and the highest retention rate of any return-to-work program.



Spectrum Talent Delivery bridges the ‘Skills Gap’ for early career technology roles. We curate technical professionals to meet your needs by assessing, recruiting and developing the right skill sets through technical apprenticeships for diverse candidates.



The Tech Connection is a recruitment platform that supports the professional development of untapped technical talent from diverse backgrounds. They strive to deliver the best talent from underserved communities to high performing and innovative teams. They offer individualized career planning and job placement to candidates that come from non-traditional backgrounds. They believe that introspective leadership coupled with proper planning is the key to career success.



Year Up is a one-year intensive training program, featuring six months of skills training and a six month internship at more than 250 top companies. At Year Up, students specialize in one of five tracks: Financial Operations, Information Technology, Business Operations, Software Development, and Sales & Customer Support. With training specifically tailored to meet workforce needs, students at Year Up graduate career-ready. Founded in 2000, Year Up is dedicated to closing the skills gap for thousands of young adults across the country. Year Up has served 19,500+ students to date across 21 cities nationwide.