Meet Women in Nuance… and get started with your own employee resource group!


I have always searched for a sense of community and known that I have the power to impact those around me. In the summer of 2019, I began my journey as a new employee at Nuance and did what I always do – look for a way to connect my daily work life to a greater sense of meaning. Having done plenty of research prior to joining, I knew that purpose was covered in knowing that Nuance products made the world a better place. Historically, individual micro-communities and alliances were created piece by piece and over a long period of time – especially for women. The opportunity for purposeful and focused networking was not always available. Employee resource groups have made this endeavor much easier. Luckily, I found the Women in Nuance group, where I could connect with individuals having shared interests and challenges, rich with varied dimensions of diversity and highly unique experiences.

Today, I am a leader in the Women in Nuance (WIN) group that is focused on increasing equity for women in all facets of life. Our Women in Nuance community of strong, talented, soulful women and allies serves as a safe and trusted space where individuals can bring their whole selves to learn, lead, grow and create a ripple effect throughout the organization. WIN is committed to empowering employees in our global community by offering personal and professional development opportunities, fostering access to supportive and productive networks, and celebrating and amplifying the impact of Women in Nuance. We ask questions, learn from one another, and drive meaningful change by creating an environment that builds confidence and inspires collaboration. The group provides professional development workshops, offers opportunities to attend conferences across the globe and most importantly, collaborates across the company to highlight programs and opportunities, such as our Mentoring Matters program. We filter every decision and action for WIN through the lens of inclusivity for our members, allies, LGBTQ+ and non-members alike.

Creating a thriving and engaged community takes focused effort, time, and grit. Regardless of title or job level, WIN fosters a sense of belonging, and provides support, guidance, and helpful resources to employees at every stage in their career. As we move forward into 2021, we will continue to create an environment to further solidify strengths, gain strategies to navigate challenges and share knowledge.

If your organization does not have an employee resource group, what can you do? First, identify why it is needed and what support it can offer employees. Second, reach out to your manager and someone in Human Resources with the purpose, goal, and benefits of creating this group. Lastly, speak to other employees about the group and let your passion, unique voice, and actions create the space that resonates with you and your community!

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By Rosy K Ojha, Chair of Women in Nuance ERG