Neurable: Meet the Tech Top 50 “Tech to Watch” Honoree

Tech Top 50 Tech to Watch

The MassTLC Tech Top 50 celebrates tech companies and leaders across the region who have made a significant impact in the community during the past 12 month. This year, we are excited to recognize winners across 8 categories: Best Pivot to Meet the New World, Business Accomplishment, Company Culture, Inclusivity Impact, Leadership, New Company of the Year, Tech for Good: Social Responsibility, and Tech to Watch.

Forty-nine honorees were chosen across these categories, with the final recognition, the Mosaic Award, given to Chevalier “Chevy” Cleaves, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, for his work creating access and opportunity for future leaders. View the full list of winners, here.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about each of the recipients to spotlight their accomplishments and their impact on customers, partners, employees, and the broader community.

Today, meet Neurable, one of this year’s honorees for Tech to Watch. 

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Describe the new product, including when it was launched, why it was launched, its function, and its target customers.

Neurable’s product is a comfortable and affordable sensor system that measures and interprets brainwaves and can be easily integrated into a pair of everyday headphones. Neurable’s first application is a pair of premium Bluetooth headphones that measure your focus, enabling customers to set and track focus goals and learn when and how they focus best.

Similar to how a fitness tracker measures steps, heart rate, and sleep stages to help customers make better decisions about their health, Enten helps knowledge workers understand when and how they focus best and helps them build better work habits.

Neurable introduced Enten in May 2021 and accepted preorders for the product that helps knowledge workers who feel the pressure and burnout from remote and hybrid working work more efficiently and win back time in their day.

What is unique about this new product either in terms of the market it serves or the technology it utilizes? 

Neurable’s unique technology makes it possible to build high-quality brainwave sensor systems that are both comfortable and low-cost. Neurable does this with sophisticated software that cleans, amplifies, and interprets brain signals, allowing Neurable to do more with less signal fidelity.

What measurable success has this product achieved?

  • Neurable’s technology has been endorsed by industry-leading scientists, including:
    • Dr. John Donoghue – Professor of Neuroscience and Engineering at Brown University
    • Dr. Darin Dougherty – Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School
    • Dr. Earl Miller – Picower Professor of Neuroscience at MIT
    • Dr. David Eagleman – Neuroscientist, Author, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University
  • 33 patents granted or pending
  • Published a white paper that describes how Neurable developed its core technology
  • 1000+ preorders
  • Engaged community across Discord, email, and events
  • Projects active or planned with Air Force Research Labs and major industry brands

What does it mean to be recognized with the other Tech Top 50 honorees?

Neurable is honored to be recognized as a Tech Top 50. Our mission is to bring neurotechnology out of medical labs and clinics and into everyday life. This award is a vote of support that we are on the path to make technology more intuitive to use, accessible to people of all abilities, and improve brain health diagnosis and treatment.


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