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Recruiters work in a fast paced, “get it done yesterday” environment. They are on the front lines sourcing and helping to acquire top talent, but are they completely prepared for this enormous challenge and responsibility?

Introducing the MassTLC Recruiting Academy, a one of a kind boot camp providing recruiters with the skills and tools they need to build a recruiting machine. Coached and trained by industry professionals, participants walk away with invaluable lessons on what it takes to scale high performing companies.

Academy Instructors

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Goal: Participants will better understand what drives them and others, their strengths, unconscious biases,  and how to successfully navigate internal and external relationships.

Topic areas:

  • Introductions and Setting the Stage
  • Self Awareness: Know your strengths, biases (beyond ethnicity), triggers, and how to manage and leverage them. Learn and understand what drives others’ behaviors.
  • Effective Communication: Learn how to navigate and influence difficult conversations (effective listening and communication) and how to ask really good questions.
  • Being a leader: You have the knowledge, now you need to build the confidence and trust in what you know to drive the conversation and be a true partner.

Goal: Participants will walk away understanding the importance of the relationship with their hiring managers and how to effectively work with them.  We will also discuss our current market and what it takes to hire within it.

Topic Areas:

  • Creating a 50/50 partnership with your hiring manager
    • The day in the life of a recruiter versus a hiring manager – Why understanding each other’s world matter
    • Effective communication and influencing strategies
    • Establishing accountability and metrics across the partnership
    • Establishing a successful feedback process
    • Tactics to effectively stretch on qualifications in a competitive market
  • The Age of the Candidate
    • Employer Branding
      • Being able to communicate your company story well
      • Developing powerful job descriptions
      • The interview experience
    • Competitive/Market intelligence: “getting a leg up”


Goal: We turn to tactics in week 3.  Participate in workshops and mock interviews to learn the tactics and strategies that the most successful recruiters use to generate and evaluate candidates.

Topic Areas:

Candidate Generation

      • Data Mining: using analytics to generate strong viable candidates
      • Social tools
      • Outside the box talent sources to fill your talent demand
      • Working with Outside Recruiters

Evaluating the candidate / Interviewing

      • Resume review
      • New technologies (keyword etc.)
      • Effective phone screen techniques: asking powerful questions
      • Managing the interview process with the team
      • Behavioral & Situational Interviewing (Culture & Fit)

Goal: In our last week, we’ll discuss what it takes to close the deal with your new hire. We’ll also work with our leaders to understand how to pick up early on the red flags and work through problems.

Topic Areas:

The Close

      • Negotiating
      • Closing
      • On-boarding

Problem Solving

      • Red flags
      • Problem Solving/Analytical
      • Techniques to assess and hire technical talent
      • Interview Feedback against competencies
      • Legal/risk/compliance

Key Takeaways and Wrap-up

      • Lessons learned
      • What I’ll do differently

Program Structure

Cohorts of up to 25 recruiters will meet for four consecutive weeks, four hours per session.  Sessions are designed as highly interactive discussions and workshops that will include case studies, coaching, and role playing.


$799 for all 4 sessions (MassTLC member pricing)

$1599 for all 4 sessions (MassTLC non-member pricing)

10% discount for multiple team members

Cohort 1:

Tuesdays, May 15, 22,29 and June 5

Cohort 2:


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