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When it comes to tech in Massachusetts, most people are familiar with Boston and Cambridge, but our state tech ecosystem actually extends far beyond these two cities.

Old mill towns are reinventing themselves with robotics, factories are converting to modern office space, and talent is increasingly on the move. From suburbs to cities to regions, Mass communities are actively attracting, growing, and supporting tech at all levels. We’ve profiled some of those communities here, and we hope you’ll share what you’ve learned with your own communities too!

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Newton-Needham Partnership Creates Suburban Innovation Hub

Ask locals to name a Massachusetts innovation district, and the replies will most likely be expected; the Seaport with its new construction and concentration...

Lexington, Revolutionary in More Ways Than One

Anyone who has studied United States history, even if only at elementary school level, is familiar with the Massachusetts town of Lexington. The site...

More than Maritime Industries: North Shore Increasingly Attracts Tech Companies & Talent

Massachusetts' North Shore conjures images of quaint lighthouses, rugged fishermen, rocky beaches, and long days spent by the seaside. The region, home to some...

Two Hundred Years Later, Lowell Continues to Experiment & Evolve

Ideally situated thirty miles north of Boston, just before the New Hampshire border and along the Merrimack River, is a city recognized across the...

Back to the Future: Maynard Continues to Look Forward

Drive twenty-five miles northwest of Boston down Route 2 into Middlesex County, and one will pass apple orchards, vineyards, and some of Massachusetts’ most...