Robotics Community Co-Chair Revitalizes Ancient Art with Robotics

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Ted Acworth, one of the Robotics Community Co-Chairs at MassTLC, was recently profiled in the Slice of MIT alumni blog for his love of art, passion for robotics, and his work founding Artaic, which combines both. 

Ted “started Artaic, designing a whole technology system using CAD design to create mosaics, from the software to the tools to the robotic assembly. With a technical background as a trained mechanical engineer—Acworth earned his PhD at Stanford before coming to MIT in 2002 for his postdoc—he sees himself as a tool builder.”

“My mission is to make this beautiful art form more accessible and prevalent. If we’re just doing high-end hotels, I would say we haven’t accomplished our goal,” said Acworth to Slice of MIT. “But if you make it accessible for people to enjoy in their homes, we’re getting closer.”

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