About the Sales & Marketing Community

The MassTLC Sales and Marketing Community is a peer-to-peer group focused on meeting the various needs of sales and marketing professionals of tech companies and beyond. The community’s content focuses on best practices and strategies that help drive revenue. Topics include marketing strategy, analytics, and automation; sales strategy, process, operations and enablement; lead gen and nurturing and more. Programs include real-life case studies, discussion and applicable insights to help your marketing team get and/or stay on the cutting-edge. This community has three specific peer-to-peer groups:
– CMO Peer Group
– Demand Gen Professionals Peer Group
– Product Marketing Peer Group

The purpose of these groups is to connect and have honest, insightful, and candid discussions with peers on the challenges and opportunities organizations have in driving high quality leads and pipeline. The goal of the meeting time is to get out of the office and connect with others just like you who are facing similar challenges.

Sales & Marketing Community Leadership

Jonathan Burg
SVP Marketing
Reward Gateway
Jeanne Hopkins

Ellie Mirman
Katie Staveley
VP Marketing


Sales & Marketing Community Manager

Nayla Daly