2nd AMLDD: 150 Developers Discuss the Future of Machine Learning


On September 4, MassTLC kicked off the fall events calendar with the second edition of our popular Applied Machine Learning Developer Day (AMLDD), hosted by Google Cambridge and featuring speakers from Amazon, NASDAQ, Neurala, Spotify, and SilverThread.

Over 150 people from across the industry gathered for an exciting day of talks, case studies, networking, and thinking about the future of applied machine learning – not only the “hows,” but also the “whys,” the “ifs,” and the results. From AI to Alexa and beyond, we covered it all.

Some highlights:  

How to Train Your Product Owner

David Murgatroyd, Machine Learning Chapter Lead, Spotify

Dave gives leadership to the machine learning efforts at Spotify Boston, where
recommendations, search and conversational interaction empower music experiences that
improve lives. Previously he was Vice President of Engineering at Basis Technology. He has
implemented Machine Learning and particularly Natural Language Processing systems since 1998.


Learning on the Edge: The Future of AI

Anatoli Gorchechnikov, Co-Founder and CTO, Neurala

Anatoli has over 20 years of experience developing massively parallel software for neural computation, he is a pioneer in applying general-purpose computing on graphics processing
units to neural modeling. He holds several patents, has authored over 30 publications on neural networks.


Unable to make this one in person or simply want to relive the day? Check out the photo gallery, below. And if you’re like us and can’t wait for the next AMLDD, don’t worry – we are already planning a third edition to take place in early 2019. Subscribe to MassTLC and be the first to know.