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Thinking Locally, Acting Globally
That’s right, we didn’t make a mistake. We didn’t mean the opposite. While the adage “think globally, act locally” encourages people to consider the impact of their actions on the entire planet, the Technovation Challenge, a flagship program of the non-profit Iridescent, turns that around and encourages the girls who participate to create positive impact in their local communities and thus become part of a global league of problem solvers.

So what is the Technovation Challenge?
This international program for girls aged 10-18 is an entrepreneurial and coding competition that teaches girls to launch a business based on a mobile app that they create. It’s also so much more. It’s an opportunity for girls to learn teamwork, creativity, idea generation, public speaking, community engagement, passion, confidence, and perseverance.

While girls work to solve problems or offer services in their local communities, their peers in countries around the world—including places such as Spain, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, France, Palestine, Egypt, Nigeria, China, Kenya—are bringing the same passion to their projects. Although teams are each working in their own regions, they are also supporting others around the world. The World Pitch Final brings the top teams from around the globe together. Friendships that cross geographies link the girls, the coaches, mentors, and the Regional Ambassadors who make the local programs possible.

What kinds of community needs are addressed by the apps?
Every Technovation team chooses a community need and builds a mobile app to address it. These can range from connecting volunteers with local non-profits to mapping out safe water sources for local residents. Want to encourage people to get outside of their information bubble? There’s an app for that, thanks to a Technovation team. Want to help women determine if they’re victims of domestic abuse? There’s also an app for that. No problem is too big or too small. Whatever challenge a team sees and feels a passion to address, Technovation can give them the tools to do it.

How do I participate?
Well, that’s easy. If you’re a girl who wants to participate, form a team and sign up here. Or come to the kickoff on December 8th and learn more about it. The same goes for anyone interested in being a mentor—sign up here or join us at the kickoff.

Or, if you’d like to learn a bit more first, simply reach out to us here at MassTLC (, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.