MassTLC Social Justice Initiatives

MassTLC’s mission is to build an inclusive tech ecosystem in the region, and, more broadly, we want to help Massachusetts become a more inclusive and equitable state. Over the years, MassTLC has offered – and continues to offer – a number of initiatives to bring women and people of color into tech careers and to support them once they are in the industry. We have been recognized by our peer tech councils across North America for these efforts.

Below is a list of some of those initiatives along with our newest efforts, the 2030 Challenge and The Tech Impact for Social Justice.

Learn more about each initiative below or contact Sara Fraim at for more information.  

MassTLC Social Justice Initiatives are underwritten by:

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  • The 2030 Challenge is a call to action for the entire community – employers, lawmakers, educators, community groups, etc. – to help double the percentage of Black and Latinx workers in tech jobs in Massachusetts by 2030. MassTLC will benchmark progress against the 2030 Challenge goals and create programming to support the initiative.



  • MassTechTalent: online resource directory of workforce training, placement, and funding programs for underrepresented and non-traditional populations.
  • Technovation Challenge: building the tech industry talent pipeline via an entrepreneurial coding competition for girls, aged 10-18
  • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT): MassTLC staff member sits on Industry Partnership Committee to provide connections between the tech industry and BFIT’s technology programs.


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  • Economic Impact of Immigrants on MA & US Economy – MassTLC published comprehensive report on the impact immigrants have on the economy and innovation in MA and the US
  • Trump Travel Ban – MassTLC filed seven Amicus briefs in District, Appellate, and the United States Supreme Court
  • Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition – MassTLC is a proud member of this MIRA Coalition initiative


  • Company internal women’s group programming. Contact Nayla Daly ( for more information.
  • Online forum dedicated to women’s group topics (MassTLC members only)
  • MassTLC curates a list of local and national organizations that work to support women in various ways. To view that list, click here.


  • Mosaic Award: As part of the annual Technology Leadership Awards, MassTLC recognizes a leader who is making a significant impact in increasing diversity and inclusion in tech.
  • Innovation Women speakers bureau: MassTLC pays for member company employees’ to create speaker profiles for this database ($100/year/profile). Contact for more information.