Executive Dinners

MassTLC Executive Dinners offer the powerful opportunity for us to work with you to leverage our network of close to 300 member companies to bring together CXOs from across the tech landscape. These dinners are a collaborative effort; they provide an opportunity to work with our team to identify both topics of interest and leaders with whom you hope to connect across our community.

Our team has extensive experience in creating valuable and relevant thought leadership topics, working with venues, providing logistics, and being able to attract our leadership to these events. Specific topics and targeted guest lists, across the C-Suites of some of Massachusetts leading technology companies, will be developed through discussion with MassTLC and the sponsoring company.

Whether you are interested in initiating new relationships, strengthening existing ones, or working to build allies around a specific and common cause, these dinners provide a more intimate opportunity for group discussion than some of our larger events.

Sponsor Deliverables include:

  • Sponsor recognized in all marketing materials for dinner, including invitations, literature, opening slides, and post-event blog recap.
  • Receipt of pre- and post-attendee list including name, company and email (excludes those who opt out)
  • Opportunity to work with MassTLC team to define sponsor materials and provide branded collateral and/or items (information table, favors, napkins, coasters, giveaways, etc.)
  • Two tickets for sponsor senior executives to attend the dinner
  • Two tickets for you to invite guest CXOs (appropriate title required) to attend the dinner
  • MassTLC will collaborate with you on the topics and invitation list for this dinner
  • MassTLC’s CEO will attend as well as invite the attendees to the dinner
  • Promotion to MassTLC community members by MassTLC
  • MassTLC will arrange and orchestrate dinner locations and logistics

For more information, contact Kelley Duchesne at kelley@masstlc.org.