Tech Top 50 Sponsorship

2020 has been an unpredictable year full of ups and downs. Through a time of unknowns, one thing has remained consistent, and that is the power of the MA tech community. The MassTLC Tech Top 50 program aims to recognize the people, companies, and transformations that have made an impact this year across various categories.

MassTLC recognized 50 leaders across 5 categories and presented the Tech Top 50 through a digital experience in the Fall of 2020. The stories are being highlighted across media platforms including social, MassTLC website, video, podcasts, and more. The Tech Top 50 each receive a digital badge for their own website and social platforms.

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COVID-19 Response
This category recognizes the companies and individuals whose response to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a meaningful impact on the lives and livelihoods of others in our community. Examples include technologies or initiatives to help healthcare workers, companies, citizens.

Business Accomplishment

This category recognizes companies for achieving major accomplishments in 2020. Examples include major business transactions (mergers, acquisitions, etc.) and significant business performance (doubling revenue or headcount) or transformations (ie, new business lines or company restructuring).

Community Impact

This category recognizes the companies and individuals who have made a meaningful community impact in areas including diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. Examples include individual activism and organizational leadership in driving meaningful awareness, education and change in our community.

Company Culture

This category recognizes companies and individuals for their leadership in company culture, remote working¸ future of work, and workforce transformation.


This category recognizes companies and individuals for innovation at the product, company and sector level. Examples include innovative product solutions to meet the challenges of our times, business model innovations, and industry level transformation. Examples include new business processes or products to meet new realities, company redirections, digital transformation in healthcare, education, financial services, eldercare, etc.



  • Logo placement on all marketing materials including promotional, website, live webcast, and content pieces
  • Written mention in any press release announcing Tech Top 50 recognition program and a release announcing winners
  • Opportunity to provide a companion content piece about program for MassTLC website (ex: Importance of Culture Category)


  • Opportunity to participate in interviews with Tech Top 50 winners for ongoing promotion (written, video and/or podcast)


  • Opportunity to present a set of Tech Top 50 winners during live webcast
  • Opportunity to participate on Tech Top 50 review & selection committee