In an effort to support members of the MA tech community who have recently been let go from their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, MassTLC is actively compiling a list of tech companies still hiring in Massachusetts. This list, unlike our regular Job Board (which lists specific openings at MassTLC companies), includes a general overview of openings at any tech sector or supporting organization that we are aware of that is currently hiring. An organization does not have to be a MassTLC member to be featured here.

Our hope is that, at this difficult and unprecendented time, this list can be of service to the entire community. To achieve this, we need your help. Here’s how:

  1. If you are a/ know of any tech company that is still hiring in MA in spite of Covid-19, please contact, so we can include that information here.
  2. Please share this resource with your professional networks (tag @MassTLC on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!)
  3. If you apply for anything you find via this resource, please let the organization know that you found out about them from MassTLC.

The MA tech workforce contains some of the best, brightest, and most talented individuals in the world. Together, we will get through this and come back stronger than ever before. Thank you for your help and support!

Last Update: April 23, 2020


Openings: Customer Success, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Product, Professional Services, Sales

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Acquia



Openings: Software Development; Project/Program/Product management; Hardware Development; Operations, IT, & Support Engineering; Research Science; Business & Merchant Development; Business Intelligence; Sales, Advertising, & Account Management; Editorial, Writing, & Content Management; Human Resources; Design; Data Science; Marketing & PR; and many more

Location: Boston, Cambridge, North Reading, Westborough, and more locations across MA

Apply: Careers at Amazon


Openings: Business Analysis, Engineering, Program Management, Research

Location: Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia

Apply: Careers at Aptima



Openings: AI, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and more

Location: Bedford and other locations

Apply: Careers at AspenTech


Openings: Technology, Analytics, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Project Management, Marketing, Business Development / Strategy

Location: Watertown

Apply: Careers at athenahealth



Openings: Customer Success, Engineering, Credit Analysis, Marketing, Delivery, Business Development, Sales

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Buildium



Openings: Sales, Human Resources, Strategic Procurement

Location: Burlington

Apply: Careers at Cerence



Openings: Design, E-Commerce Product Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Merchandising, Technology

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Chewy



Openings: Information Systems, Strategy, Administrative, Product Management, Digital, Analytics, Strategy, Process Innovation, Digital, and many more

Location: Burlington, Various across MA, Work from Home

Apply: Careers at CVSHealth



Openings: Operations, Customer Experience, Engineering, People

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Drizly



Openings: Engineering, Product Management, Technical Architecture, Software

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Duck Creek Technologies



Openings: Marketing, Content, Information Technology, Product Management, Engineering, Data, Content Management, Publisher Relations, Customer Satisfaction, Sales, Lean Enterprise

Location: Ipswich

Apply: Careers at EBSCO


Openings: Marketing, Engineering, Professional Services, Sales, Technical Account Management, and more

Location: Worldwide

Apply: Careers at Everage


Openings: Product Management, Technology

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Globalization Partners



Openings: Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Business Enablement, Accounting and Finance, Product and Engineering, People Operations, Security

Location: Cambridge

Apply: Careers at HubSpot



Openings: Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at InnovaSea



Openings: Engineering

Location: Boston or remote

Apply: Careers at Kyruus



Openings: Client Services, Legal, Administrative

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Lockton



Openings: Advisory, Client Solutions, Customer Advocacy, Development, Marketing, People Operations

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at LogicManager



Openings: Customer Success, Engineering, Marketing, Sales

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at LogRocket


Openings: Analytics, IT, Data Science, Data Engineering, Product, Software Development, and more

Location: Boston, Springfield, NY

Apply: Careers at MassMutual



Openings: Engineering, Technical Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Application Engineering, and more

Location: Natick, US, International

Apply: Careers at MathWorks


Openings: Accounting, Data Engineering, Delivery Management, Software Engineering, Product Management, Sales

Location: Lexington

Apply: Careers at Mimecast


Openings: Senior Analyst, Finance, Strategy & Operations, Director of Alliances-AWS, Customer Escalation Manager, Senior Technical Support Engineer, DevOps Engineer AWS, Principal NAS Filesystem Engineer, Principal Software Development Engineer in Test, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test, Senior Software Engineer, Sales Development Representative, Solutions Architect

Locations:  Boston Seaport; Marlborough, MA;  Regional Sales Roles in US.



Openings: US GAAP Lead, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Senior Legal Counsel

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Nexthink

Openings: Programming, Research and Development, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at Nuance

Openings: Professional Services, Sales, Application Development, Finance, Information Technology, Product Management, Marketing, Business Operations, People, Client Support, Sales Strategy and Operations, Engineering and Cloud, Pre-Sales Consulting, Client Success, Learning

Location: Cambridge, Remote

Apply: Careers at Pega



Openings: Cloud Services, Consulting Services, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Software Development, Strategy, Technical Support

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at PTC



Openings: Human Resources, Information Technology,  Pre-Sales, Product Marketing, Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Technical Support

Location: Bedford, Burlington

Apply: Careers at Progress



Openings: Accounting, Administrative, Business Development, Communications, Supply Chain/Purchasing, Software Engineering, Sales, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Program Management, Product Management, Operations, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, and many more

Location: Andover, Billerica, Boston, Burlington, Cambridge, Gloucester, Marlborough, Pittsfield, Tewksbury, Waltham, Westford, Woburn

Apply: Careers at Raytheon



Openings: Digital Sherpas/ CXOs – “All of our Sherpas have deep, for-profit technology backgrounds having spent at least a decade running tech start-ups during the rise of the web. We have spent the last decade working within the largest nonprofits in the world as CXOs. Since 2017, we have been working at the intersection of the 50 largest nonprofits and the the largest technology companies in the world.”

Location: N/A

Apply: Contact Revol LLC 



Openings: Sales, Customer Success, Product and Technology, Marketing, Event Management, Finance and Operations, Alliances and Channels

Location: Boston, Remote

Apply: Careers at Salesforce



Openings: Developer, Senior Software Developer

Location: Boston

Apply: Careers at SAP



Openings: Patient Solutions Software, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Technical Services, Vecna Cares (Non Profit)

Location: Burlington

Apply: Careers at Vecna



Openings: Engineering, General & Administrative, Marketing, Research, Sales

Location: Burlington, Remote

Apply: Careers at Veracode



Openings: Software Development; Project/Program Management; Data Science; Modeling & Simulation; Business Analyst; Systems Engineer’s (multiple levels), Data Curator

Location: Lincoln



Openings: Engineering, Customer Service/Success, Marketing, Sales, and more

Location: Framingham, other US sites, Ireland, UK

Apply: Careers at Workhuman