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Universal Basic Income: What We’ve Learned

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is not a new idea. We’ve written about it previously at MassTLC, and there is a great overview from the...

Robots Will Transform Fast Food

Automation is likely to transform nearly every American industry within the next few years - including fast food. The robots are coming. In many...

TRANSFORM Teaser: Automation’s Impact on Jobs

James Bessen, Executive Director, Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University, will lead a discussion at TRANSFORM on the challenge of ensuring that workers...

Labor Market Mismatch: Job Seekers vs. Job Openings

The U.S. has 6 million open jobs and 6.8 million unemployed workers. How can this be? Experts chalk up this major labor market problem...

State of FinTech for 2017

It's no secret that investments in FinTech have increased dramatically in recent years (over $40B in 2015) and that FinTech technology is disrupting many...

Do Robots Boost Productivity?

One of the paradoxes of the extensive growth in job automation is that individual companies have seen increased productivity while the broader economy has...

Will Automation of Jobs Lead to Universal Basic Income?

Much has been written about the potential impact of automation on employment. While there is some debate about what the net impact on employment...