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The Geeks Will Rule the Grid

In November, 2017, over 100 tech industry leaders gathered at MassTLC's TRANSFORM event to discuss solutions to global issues—including cybersecurity, the ethics of AI,...

Hear Speakers from these Great Companies, ReDev B0st0n Aug 8

MassTLC's annual software development conference is back and better than ever. Whether you’re a tech exec, a product professional, or a developer, this conference...

Demand for Data Science Skills Disrupting Job Market

A recent report by Burning Glass Technologies, Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF) and IBM detailed the dramatic job market disruption caused by the exponential...

Red Hat Opens New EBC and Engineering Labs in Seaport

Wednesday, June 28th, marked the official opening of Red Hat's Global Executive Briefing Center (EBC), Engineering Lab, and first east coast location for its...

Software Dev Conference, Bigger & Better: Register for ReDev B0st0n Today!

Techies are never ones to settle and are always looking for what’s next. The Massachusetts technology economy seems to be the same. We’ve seen...