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MA State Budget: The Impact of COVID-19 Will be Felt Through...

We’re five months into the State’s fiscal year and still without an approved budget, creating uncertainty in an already uncertain year. And the stark...
Jeff Cote, CEO of Sensata stands at a podium surrounded by others

Meet Our Members: Jeffrey Cote, CEO & President of Sensata Technologies

On March 1, 2020, Jeffrey Cote took over as CEO and President of Sensata Technologies after 13 years as a veteran leader at the...

Five Forces Shaping the Tech Industry CEO Agenda

According to a report published by MassTLC member KPMG, tech CEOs across the globe are "confident about the global and national economy," but identify...

Aron Ain of Kronos Talks Unlimited Vacation Policy in HBR

At the end of 2015, Kronos CEO Aron Ain announced a (radical, to some) new vacation policy in a company-wide video: beginning on January...

Exit Strategies – what every CEO needs to understand

MassTLC, along with our sponsor, Argosight, recently brought together a small group of CEOs to talk about different exit strategies, and the pros and...
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