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Data Security Under FTC Commissioner Ohlhausen

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been a critically important regulator of cybersecurity practices in the US, using its authority under Section 5 of...

Cybersecurity Firm iBoss Moves HQ to Boston

Cybersecurity firm, iBoss, has announced that it has moved its headquarters from San Diego to Boston. The region's deep talent pool in sybersecurity and...

Big Week for Cyber: White House EO & WannaCry Ransomware Attack

The world experienced an unprecedented cyberattack that some researchers say has similarities to hacks conducted by North Korea. As technology moves from the purely...

MassTLC Announces the MA Security Initiative

MassTLC is proud to announce The MA Security Initiative, composed of the MassTLC security community/CISO peer group and the soon-to-be-launched CyberMA platform, a state...