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Evolving Together: A Discussion with Heather Hartford, CPO, Acquia

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of my Talent Community leaders, Heather Hartford, Chief People Officer at Acquia. Heather has...

Five Insights for Improving Diversity in the Boardroom

If you lead a tech company and your board is primarily older white men, you are not alone. Tech boards are close to 80%...

New Initiative Aims to Bring Greater Diversity to Tech Boards

As part of MassTLC’s mission to accelerate innovation, growth, and the development of an inclusive tech ecosystem in Massachusetts, the Council is launching a...

MassTLC Policy Initiatives – 2018 in Review

A thriving innovation ecosystem demands collaboration among industry, education and government to ensure ideas are cultivated, skilled talent is developed, and the legal/regulatory frameworks...

2018 Mosaic Award Recipient Jackie Glenn

"I am a proud black woman from the island of Jamaica." The MassTLC 2018 Mosaic Award recipient, Jackie Glenn, proudly celebrates her immigrant roots. One...

Can America Lead in Tech Without Immigrants?

Will anti-immigrant sentiment in the US deter the next generation of tech leaders and founders from coming to America? It hasn’t happened yet, says...

How to Recruit More Women into Tech Sales

The following blog post originally appeared on the Talent Retriever blog.  ___ Let’s have an honest talk about women and working in tech sales. When you look...

How Leaders Can Encourage Representation in the Workplace

This piece by Steph Mccabe originally appeared on the JazzHR notes blog. ___ The success of your organization depends on the employees who come into the office...

Roxbury Victorian to Become Home for Minority Women in STEM

Diversity, social mobility, and gentrification are hot topics in the Boston tech scene at the moment, and rightfully so. Though the city has made...

Pushing Diversity through the Hiring Pipeline

Wherever there is a push for equality, there is usually a reactionary pull that stems from concern about what exactly is about to change....
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