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Privacy Trade-Offs: Where do we draw the line in healthcare?

The following piece by Dr. Joseph Kvedar originally appeared on The cHealth Blog by Partners Healthcare. ____ Everybody has something they consider private.  I think of it...

Bring Your Own (Health Monitoring) Device: Progress and Challenges

The following piece by Dr. Joseph Kvedar originally appeared on The cHealth Blog by Partners Healthcare. ____ There are several reasons for this lag (and...

As Healthcare Providers, Technology is Our Friend

The following piece by Joseph Kvedar originally appeared on the Partners Healthcare Connected Health blog.  ___ Ask medical school applicants why they wish to enter...

Tone of Voice Holds Secret to Advancing Connected Health

MassTLC member, Partners Healthcare, regularly publishes detailed, thoughtful perspectives on the future of digital medicine and connected healthcare. Dr. Joseph Kvedar, head of Partners Connected...

Scaling Digital Therapeutics

There is increasing evidence that digital intervention, or "digital therapeutics," can provide equal or better health outcomes as chemical therapeutics, especially in the area...