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AI Voice Technology is a Necessity for Patient Access

Parlance removes communication barriers between patients and the care they need, when they need it. In this digital age, many of us take for granted...

Industry Veteran Parlance Leads in Healthcare Voice Tech

Voice recognition software has become ubiquitous in the tech world; Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, to name a few, have made recent moves in the industry....

Improving Patient Experience with Conversational AI

In the first 30 seconds of a patient’s interaction with your health system, you have set the tone for the remainder of their engagement...

The Resurgence of the Voice Channel

The phone is the first line of communication For most healthcare consumers, a phone call is the first method of communication with a hospital or...

The Role of Speech-Driven Call Routing in Post-Pandemic Patient Access

During the COVID-19 pandemic, patient access contact centers across the country had to condense years of healthcare industry technological development into just one year....